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I liked a @YouTube video Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car" (Official Music Video)
Also, #Revelations is great. Glad to hear more of the LGBTQ perspective. Reminded me of Tracy Chapman, who I love, on certain songs.
RT @itsmekashmere: Watching the sunset while eating chocolate cake & drinking wine and Tracy Chapman is playing. BE THE ROM COM YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD
Baby Can I hold you ... Tracy Chapman.
RT @tchapmanonline: Tracy Chapman is one of the nominees for the 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame! Congratulations and Good luck Tracy!…
#nowplaying Baby Can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman on @
It wasn't enough for hack musicians to insult Tracy Chapman with an upbeat electro cover of "Fast Car" -- they had…
An unrated musical artist- Tracy Chapman
Fast car// Tracy Chapman
RT @JaySixOfEarth2: So much truth here. The world has barely ever truly deserved Tracy Chapman.
RT @_BlowJoe: Tracy chapman makes me feel some type of way
RT @oneworky: Why have I never listened to Tracy Chapman before? Such beauty and sadness
RT @lionessofie: Tracy Chapman wya hi please come and mentor me
RT @MelissaMoore77: Is there a better cover of any song than Tracy Chapman's performance of "Stand By Me"?
RT @solarfrecks: tracy chapman is such an amazing musician and storyteller, her music is breathtaking
RT @DarkestFaery9: Yup. This song is as relevant now as it was then. Tracy Chapman - Talkin' bout a Revolution [High Quality]…
RT @ashinri4: Tracy Chapman and a day away from Friday??? It’s a good day.
RT @tdepr710: I never get tired of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
#NowPlaying Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason on
Great insights on cross-generational leadership. + Phoebe Seaton butchering Tracy Chapman lyrics for the 2nd time in 12 hours. #CalRHS17
RT @Itz_danielle4: Tracy chapman x fast car will forever be one of my favorite songs
RT @zaitrillo: Tracy Chapman para todo el día porque es lo único que me relaja.
Tracy Chapman para todo el día porque es lo único que me relaja.