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RT @wendydavis: Actually, that would be unconstitutional
Mamemessage din kita SUEn😢😘😘😘 @sueanna_dodd
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RT @ajtracey: AJ Tracey for Vogue
RT @ultpcysobi: Let BTS' relieved,happy&shocked face expressions especially namjoon's when winning both daesangs be ur biggest moti…
RT @vlissful: so my mom is a korean school teacher & uses this to teach hangul vowels to kids.. and i recently discovered IT WAS…
RT @MrKawaah: SC Top 10? Kaden Tracey of Bridgeport, CT
RT @kanashimilynnk: - FriEND - BoyfriEND - GirlfriEND - BestfriEND - Pizdostradat' Only Pizdostradat' has no end
RT @snowberrytae: Yoongi just posted on fancafe and he said that it's hard to wait until 6pm, he's so excited but still so nervous for the comeback ㅠㅠ aw
RT @OfficialMwave: [Special] How @BTS_twt Will Use Their Strength ′Storytelling′ for ′LOVE YOURSELF′ Promotions #BTS_DNA_TODAY ➡️…
RT @introrun: I love how BTS are hyping the quality of songs instead of braggin how they'll end everyone even though they know they will end everyone
@takistwink @MGeels
RT @_guildenstern: когда я в следующий раз буду стрематься с кем-то говорить по телефону напомните мне что боромир продолжал сражаться с тремя стрелами в груди
RT @ajtracey: AJ Tracey for Vogue
@SergiRomero It's because Tracey's cameo is next and they're keeping a surprise
RT @LinesOfMovies: "You askin' me,the great angery detective, is investegatin? Im lookin at dicks,Tracey." - dick stracey (1990)
RT @MrKawaah: SC Top 10? Kaden Tracey of Bridgeport, CT
@romevegas you earned it Tracey!😘
This is so much us Tracey Charters 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Variety Sketch Series goes to #SNL , I was hoping Tracey Ullman show . #Emmys
@komonews Thank you!!
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@WatkinsTjw3465 Hi Tracey, I'm a journalist for the Sun. Please could you follow so I can DM you about a story? Thanks.
RT @MrKawaah: SC Top 10? Kaden Tracey of Bridgeport, CT
RT @LebaenesePapi: my divorced parents