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@KbMolopyane @JdsolM dumelang go gola Thapelo Tpain Stock ka re a gole a gole.
Jazz music is so soothing not going to lie
anyway! goodnight everyone except tpain..not really going to sleep though i can't stop eating my chips n dip
NEW MUSIC: #Dreezy 'Next To You' (remix) feat. #RickRoss & #TPain [audio]
#keepitlocked N/P: @TPAIN Feat. Mike Jones - Im N Luv (Wit A Stripper) (Clean
@waze bring back the @TPAIN voice permanently
I told you a LONG WHILE could have fixed it...we all see how much it hurt you...but shit, you hurt every…
Close to you - Dreezy ft Tpain
RT @yaddiraa15: Tpain is so underrated
RT @cindyluvsTPAIN: really funny with tpain
Natalie got RTd by TPain and I can't wait for joe.
RT @OhYouCreezed: tpain voice is sumthin serious man
tpain voice is sumthin serious man