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Toya Need To Be On Love & HipHop 🤔
Akron got some real life haters they really don't want to see you winning❗️💯
I miss Toya De Lazy music
( ´ ▽ ` )/バーイ
[자동트윗은 [ ]안에 있습니다]
RT @LORDY_BAR: ya man a bird your killer ex was at your door with a shotgun like TOYA OPEN THE DOOR you looked at your man like I'M SCARED DO SOMETHING LOL
Toya porque eri tan rico, Ah!?
Toya tryna have me out here with a whole bunch of babies.
( 'ω')いまにしておもえば、いもうとがあとすこしはやくうまれていたらおんなのこのイエスさまだー!とかやっていたのかもしれない。(ぼっと)
NowPlaying Toya Touching On Your Body TNM2 - Toya Touching On Your Body TNM2 #i912radio #912music 14:17
RT @izumi_t_neko: おはいつき! 今朝はエアコンのタイマー忘れてて、部屋が暖まるまで毛布にくるまってました( ̄▽ ̄;) #真鍋いつき
@nn_toya 追加しているaltはこんな感じ。 エクセル上でソートして、メダルやスコア更新しやすそうなの発見してます!
Boys who are exceedingly cute are also needed all the same~ ♪
@nn_toya おお! わーいヽ(´ー`)ノ
RT @bbbannooo: キリッとした表情をしてるきらりに男装してほしい
I swear this boy is by far the funniest mf I know. 😂 he be too pressed
RT @HornyGlF: when ur 20 mins deep in an argument and u realize that u completely misunderstood something
RT @Rato_K: craving sleek and straight inches.. 30", type inches.