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#WomenOfColor #WOC The indomitable spirit of Towanda Davis: It's like we're ashamed of breas... #UniteBlue #Tcot
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RT @MexicoInsStore: Mexican Insurance for Vacation – Cooking Lessons in Mexico
Я вышел из машины и стал протирать ветровое стекло.
RT @bdfees: Wyalusing volleyball tops Towanda in 5, Towanda wins NTL.
@mannymitch30 You are always enough for God and me.
Tunkhannock at Towanda, ppd to 7 pm Saturday #wvcfootball #tlsports
#GetSOLDonWoodlandLakesRealty Going, going, gone....this duplex is under contract. Call us at 715-224-3800 when...
Ms. Towanda Braxton rocking one of our pieces.…
#UP1996 at Towanda, IL 10/21/2016 8:53 PM EST, Train = ZMQG4
RT @BillRatchet: twitter getting ddos'd this is the perfect time for me to come out the closet
RT @SebGorka: Love @FoxBusiness. They have the BEST: @trish_regan, @MariaBartiromo & @Varneyco. Speaking w my fellow ex-Brit 91…
RT @lootcrate: NGL, that's the best Garth costume we've EVER seen. 😂 A+++!
RT @charli_xcx: 💕🍾 listen to 90secs of after the afterparty right now on iTunes. it will be the best 90secs of ur life promise ;) 🍾…
RT @TLJohnErzar: Tunkhannock at Towanda football game postponed until 7 pm Sarurday due to weather #wvcfootball #tlsports
: آعلَم أَنّ الكتابہّ لَن تُغير مِن وَاقِعنا لَكنّنِا نسلِيَ بِہَا آنَفْسِنا، كَي نخفّف عَنَ قَلوبنا تحمّل الكتَمّانْ♡
Toni and Towanda Braxton together remind me of me and sis 😂
لاهنت يابـن الناس عـطني علومك قلـبي عـليك ارق مـن ريشة الطير اسعدلي يـومي اسـعد الـله يومك اما بصباح الخير والا مسا الخير”
RT @TheHungLe: Proud to coach a client to build a "million dollar business" from scratch in less than 3 months :-) #marketing
RT @patrickabrar: Achieving the highest possible return on human capital must be every manager's goal.
RT @kriztine89: Edward the best actor PaytPaytPayt MAYWARD
RT @PrettyboyyAlec: Casting Harry Shum jr as Magnus Bane was the best decision ever👌
RT @DAEGUB0I: [namjoon talking about seokjin] "He tries his best in the back as we're the wings of each side"