Touristiquement Gay

@LucasDoesShit @SoLikeHP stfu gay boy come out of the closet
RT @ramimalec: RT if u only care about gay things and people and are pathetic and desperate
I just realized that I have never seen a gay person in real life. I wonder if that means they don't exist 🤔🤔
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RT @IshiharaKatsuro: ❝Don't ever try to get inside my head, It's too dark for you anyway. . .❞ • Gay • Seke • Rude • Smoker RT's ple…
RT @knflkkollective: Y'all throw your kids out for admitting they're gay, but mourn a bishop who molested teen boys? That Bible is a helluva drug. #EddieLong
@LogosDeRon @realDonaldTrump Just what has Trump done 2 be racist!Just like Gay, y don't want equality u want domination!
RT @pspoole: According to this there is too much media coverage of mass shootings in African-American churches and gay nightclubs
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I bet you get dick up your ass, you the gay — Niggas on this gettin wreckless
RT @SavageOnIy: RETWEET if this the first time you seen a gay midget 😂
RT @dxsxstrx: ojalá ser gay fuera una enfermedad de verdad para llamar al instituto y decir hola sí hoy no voy a clase que sigo siendo maricón
yugiohs is gay
RT @KatHeartwell: How is being called gay an insult? Lots of y'all wish y'all was as free as gay men. Y'all toxic masculinity won't allow you to live free
@The_HumanAngel Uh stereotypically gay? Gays don;t really have a particular dress style since straight guys wear the same thing
RT @ClarkHat: under neo-reaction every barn has beautiful stone ramp under (((merchant))) capitalism barns are made of gay feces…
Perguntei pro meu primo se na nossa familia tinha muita gente gay Ai ele disse q nao tem ninguém
if you ever underestimate how gay i am know that i nickname every pokemon i put into the wonder trades
RT @lenaluthgay: I love UR ART AND MY GAY BABY ADFGHJK THANK U SO MUCH i really needed this rn
RT @aly__xa: girls are so fucking beautiful, like their figure and shit, their self being like fuck I'm so gay lmao
RT @frenchtwinksfan: Three Gorgeous boys fucking every hole on the pool table
RT @frenchtwinksfan: A perverse warder with very personal interrogation methods
this is worse than that vine i saw of malec and westallen with war of hearts sry it's a gay song, you can't have it, look elsewhere