Touristiquement Gay

El no quiere ser torero !!! Quiero ser maricon !! #boy #guy #men #homem #gay #boanoite
Me gustó un video de @YouTube ASKING GUYS IF I'M GAY
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gotta bite the breadstick w the corner of ur mouth or else ur gay
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#jasmin #gay EricLad Im an ordinary guy a little shy Interested in art and music I know h…
RT @SentimentoGay_: Ser gay é ótimo! Aberração mesmo é o seu preconceito!
@altered_eagle @robatics did they miss how Phyllis said J WASN'T a villain cos he admitted his gay feelings and B WAS because he wouldn't?
#DizQueÉCrenteMas diz que todo mundo é filho de Deus, vê um Gay e "esse aí vai pro inferno"
"wanna do something gay to the rock like pee on it"
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RT @NYGovCuomo: As a New Yorker, I’m a Muslim. I’m Jewish. I’m a refugee. I’m black. I’m gay. I’m poor. I’m homeless.…
RT @grannyging: Mike Pence and ‘Conversion Therapy’: A History - The New York Times @VP hate is a choice gay is not.
RT @JamaicaGleaner: Public Defender's Office continues fight to join gay rights case -
RT @nenshi: Or maybe just that I'm not gay. But why so interested? If you need a date, there are several websites that could he…
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RT @dazzlingdemitri: str8 guy; how do u no if ur gay if u've never done stuff w/ a girl me; how do u no if ur str8 if u've never done s…
@whoisiban @newdoppelganger Se alguém é contra o casamento gay, não se case com homossexuais e nem interfira na vida dos outros. Ok?
i think we're all Big Gay Al to some degree.