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RT @LeftUnityUK: 15k hospital beds cut, the equivalent to 24 hospitals. 1 in 6 A&Es set for closure. Tory STPs equal disaster #PMQs
RT @ThomasEvansGB: @PlasFron @ukip_tm Vote Tory. Get Labour. Vote UKIP. Get UKIP.
RT @cllrsfielding: 'Borrow and Bankrupt' is that best the PM can think up? It's Tory austerity that will see national debt top £2tr! #PeopleInGlassHouses #PMQs
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie “Bag On Me,” Trina ft. Tory Lanez “Damn” & More | Daily Visuals 2.9.17
RT @sundayhandbag: Stop trying to blame this Fiddler business on Labour, It was entirely Tory, led by the Mail and rightwing MPs. #wato
RT @LizClements: #WATO Each time May says NHS needs strong economy she's admitting that Tory governments since 2010 have failed to create one! #PMQs
RT @L_ittle_toe: ㅋㅋㅋ한국어반중국어반 다 있는 것도 그렇고 첸백시 올라와서 무려 3위한것도 다 신기하고ㅋㅋㅋ엑소도 참 많이 바쁜 해였지만 엑소엘도 참 대단하닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@LordCthulhu2 ah yes, said by every Tory ever.
RT @chunkymark: Listen to Theresa May's Tory 4 Point Plan.. #PMQs
@steven_t_green @jeremycorbyn well, I'll go and join the tory party then 😞
I think you'll find that 'Labour's worst nightmare' is every single day under a Tory Government with a compliant RW…
@LeaveEUOfficial Was your compatriots in the Tory Party that paid out & your friends in the Right Wing Press who ca…
RT @Harryslaststand: If you vote Tory or UKIP in #CopelandByElection you are placing your health care into the hands of people who want to privatise the NHS.
RT @geoffingarfield: #wato disgraceful bias today. Lab's Burgon continually interrrupted, Tory Brokenshire repeats govt lies re #NHS, and is given clear run.
@lovemenine 일 갈때 5시간 일 안갈때 14시간이용
RT @DerekTwiggMP: Theresa May fails to answer Jeremy Corbyn's questions #PMQs on the crisis in the NHS & Social Care. The NHS is never safe in Tory hands.
RT @Jamin2g: "Non-party political" Copeland hospital campaigner is Tory hating Labour activist. #pmqs
RT @White_History: Feb 21, 1953 Francis Crick and James D. Watson announced the discovery of the double-helix structure of the DNA mo…
There are far to many sheep (tory voters) in this country being led by wolves (tory millionaire MPs) .Solution doesn't require Sherlock
RT @sunlorrie: You betcha! Why hasn't Mayor Tory yet denounced Masjid mosque's hate speech? Double standard surrounds M-103 motion
Even though I roast the man...Tory Lanez still fire 🔥🔥
@real__1127_ 헉 저는 두살..😆 온이언니네여