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Participan #Eurofighter GER & ITA & SPA, #Tornado #M346 ITA, #F15 USAF, #F18 SUI #Mirage2000 FRA #F16 GRE & NED...
Mammoth's Rebecca Keane on @PhelpsieSarah “She’s the antithesis of cosy – she’s less a breath of air than a full tornado..." (1/2)
United Kingdom Sees Hottest September Day in a Century and Even a Tornado Due to 'Jekyll-and-Hyde' Weather Pattern -
RT @jm_allue: ¡Y ya tenemos ganador de la partida de Tornado Ellie Real Edition!
¡Y ya tenemos ganador de la partida de Tornado Ellie Real Edition!
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @LipaoGamer GTA V Online: O TORNADO de BANCOS!!! - Profissionalidades #283
RT @Waffle_Champion: The SABC won't be reporting on the #Tornado because it doesn't want tornadoes to think they can get attention by breaking things.
Did you read the minyoon fic titled "tornado season... — not yet i have it opened on my browser but i have f...
اللهم اهدني وسددني، اللهم إني أسألك الهدى والسداد
Friday Storms Threaten Midwest with Hail, Flooding From The Weather Channel iPhone App
@SamLowes11 @Marirossi01 the weather is awful today.. good job it's not the tornado from the other day 😱
RT @JohnNicholRAF: V pleased to see @BAESystemsAir has announced trials of Tornado cabriolet version. Looks Fab! @BossXVSqn @StuBailie
RT @vminissi: v: imagine a horse tornado but instead of horses u ride on giant dogs bts: v: are u guys imagining it bts: jimin: horse torna- carousels???
A tornado flew around my room before you came excuse the mess it made it usually doesn't rain in southern California much like Arizona.
Desde las 4 estoy estudiando,si viene un tornado tiene causas
@handbinkim tapi... tapi ga diputer. TORNADO WOEY DIPUTER TINGGI DIBALIK. Serasa babi panggang. Menghilang sudah eksitensinya wkwk
RT @NaJa_SSangchu: (Photo) Actor Ji Chang Wook with "Tornado Girl2" Credit: Mango TV #Jichangwook #TornadoGirl2
Me duele todo, siento que me pasó un tornado por encima.
RT @beamiller: literally gonna name my album "beautiful tornado"
What a tornado. What a mess.
RT @Pombo_leth: Vontade de dormir e acordar só quando todos os meus sonhos tiverem se tornado realidade
RT @beamiller: just ran down the stairs at my hotel and this guy walking down one of the hallways said "like a tornado, a beautiful tornado."
My throat is so dry,I'm gonna buy a Tornado and deep throat it