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RT @weegingerdug: 2/3 of Labour voters supported remain. But Jeremy will support the Tories. He's signed his party's death warrant.
RT @myviewontopic: This is me striding towards Scottish Independence, not giving a flying f**k what the Tories say or do.
RT @Parveen_Comms: Grayling is totally deluded - under Tories inequality grew. But someone with the luxury of 2 homes will never know about inequality. #bbcqt
@Justin_Ling Extremely unlikely to happen. It mostly exists in the extreme fears of Kenney’s crew and extreme wishes of anti-JK Tories
RT @STJamesl: Tories beat Labour with press release about (Labour's) Copeland candidate by 11 minutes
No, the Tories are based in Egremont. I know, I've been there lots! @jreedmp @STJamesl
RT @IzzyKamikaze: Even Unionists & Tories gracious about McGuinness's role in the peace process, but where are FF/FG/Lab?
RT @SocialistVoice: The only viable option the Tories have for the NHS is to privatise it and give Richard Branson first refusal @tmh2_mark
Ditto.. Really.. what did any democrat ( Tories ) do but put money in there pockets and starve the US. Kennedy was…
RT @BellaSassin: How long has it been since the Tories promised to get net migration down to 'tens of thousands'? @theresa_may #immigration
RT @Mylegalforum: No #Grayling 'we do not believe it' Absolute nonsense over inequality decreasing under #Tories Utter rubbish #BBCQT
RT @jeremyforlab: Dimbleby is actually shutting down anyone who dares to challenge the Tories. Only interrupts Labour panelist. Shameful fall of BBC #bbcqt
We could ask Tory Donor Dame Shirley Porter , but the Tories let her flee the country on charges of Gerrymandering
RT @damocrat: Tories arrive in #Davos to tell the world "Everything is just fine in the UK" #Brexit #davos2017
@jones_russell1 @evertonfc2 Any attack on tax credits will be siezed upon by tories but wages will NOT increase as a result. Greedy pigs
Stop hiding doctor wait list numbers, Tories demand
@tristanpw1 Seems Corbyn will continue has he has most of his parliamentary career - vote more often with us Tories than with his own side..
RT @hourlyterrier: They should - force the Tories to admit that it won't be happening. Or, better yet, force them to actually do it. W…
Momentum, labour, vote leave and Tories all using the "take back control" line
RT @AdamBienkov: If an election were held today the Tories would win a majority of 108.
RT @HossMackintosh: Now there is a surprise - Scottish fisherman sold down the river (Thames) by the Tories. Some folk never learn...
@Tdrinker2 @jeremycorbyn @thomaspotter021 @theresa_may Before and since Brown the Tories sold and are still selling…
RT @LabourEoin: After a day's research I've discovered the Tories are closing 13 NHS Walk In Centres, downgrading 2 more & 13 more are earmarked for closure