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RT @bisexualoki: For those of you who want a series like this, it exists. There are three four shows like this! Hannibal, Torchwood, Sense8 and Faking It.
These things brought down #Torchwood One, now they're in Cardiff! Join me and @atruedrwhofan tonight at 7pm for the…
@Hayl3y_Wh *le met à mon poignée et t'attrape* à vous torchwood*
次の @YouTube 動画を高く評価しました: Torchwood Jack/Ianto Kisses (HD)
im so fucking serious i love torchwood. if you like strong female characters let me tell you about gwen cooper
i love torchwood????? i love torchwood
yall i love torchwood
@Kerrychan5 @MisterVicG @NetflixES mejor desde la T1, y mezclado con Torchwood.
@TNRLM So few shows can really nail camp. And Torchwood did, with verve, so it was sad to see it let it go, even for good storytelling.
@TNRLM It’s super dark, the team is never together, and it never has a moment for any fun. Which isn’t bad TV, but is off tone for Torchwood
@TNRLM ::laugh:: If this makes sense: I think CoE is good TV, but not great Torchwood. It strips away a lot of what I loved about the show.
@TheMasterGeek That’s my feeling. It’s not bad TV, but it’s brutally dire, and Torchwood wears brutally dire awkwardly.
To be clear, the best season of Torchwood is season 2. Side note: The best episode of Torchwood is “Random Shoes”.
@TheTomNix Miracle Day is the inverse of CoE for me: The story is nonsense, but it’s better Torchwood, for what I like about Torchwood.
@saalon (full disclosure: I don't like Torchwood)
@TheTomNix Good TV but bad Torchwood, for me, basically.
@TheTomNix I like a lot about CoE, but it jettisons a lot of what I found endearing about Torchwood as a show, if that makes sense.
@cabri It’s weird, but Torchwood was one of those shows I think I enjoyed more inconsistent but fun than consistent but dour.
@NeoWestchester Haha. That’s the one. My problem with CoE is that it’s not very much fun, and great Torchwood is also fun team stuff.
@cabri My favorite Torchwood reminds me of my favorite TOS Trek; chewy ideas but great team goofiness, too.
(hot take: children of earth is the worst torchwood)
I’ve been worried about Chibnall taking over DOCTOR WHO but then I remembered that I liked TORCHWOOD until RTD took it back over.
@JoeyMaier @BeffernieBlack @joshwitten Not instead of, just as a spin off like Torchwood.
RT @kat_houlahan: @Team_Barrowman Hi, i was just wondering if you know anything about a S5 of Torchwood coming out. My sister and i have been binge watching.