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Hey wanna know something absolutely tootie fruityily amazing? Guys & girls can be JUST friends sometimes. #mindblown
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@kaliyahmarshall okayyyyyy you and tootie are not playing😂😍
I really wanna get a head start on my shopping for tootie but she's still not feeling good so im not going any where .
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petty . petty . petty .
There's a fuken ratat tootie living in my walls!! >:(
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Hootie tootie disco cutie.
this hoe tootie only call me to go to sleep 😒
RT @HunnidSoOtto: Right or Wrong Ima Always Ride Witt Em😍🤘🏾❣️... @Its_Tootie
@___dr3amchaser tootie on your instagram showing me girls ☠️
RT @DeepBIiss: It ain't a secret, but it ain't your business either
RT @yagabbssdidit_: happy birthday tootie💕😊<imy😩 @_fuckaniggaa
happy birthday tootie💕😊<imy😩 @_fuckaniggaa
RT @goota2timez: bitches with side part blunt cuts pose like 😭