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Tootie be on point, I was just thinking bout her ass 😚
@madeintylan @lovetootsx3 I k i i can't cause tootie nem throw them bitches back 😭💀
@daijahcherry i stg i miss you more suh ❤️❤️❤️
@toot_tootie @Ken_lovee First off i would not be watching this happen , okay 😂😭 we would be tearing that crib tf up .
@bg_tootie You Welcome Whoeva Got You is Lucky 💪
@Tatianaxoxo3 duh i miss tootie but your coming tomorrow
Hate When Tootie Mad At Me She'll Never Get Over What She Mad Bout
Wow @GraysonJAllen can't believe you shoved that coach while diving out of bounds...#Thug
You might experience a eureka moment today that leads to the s... More for Capricorn
Baby I jus wanna show u off
@sosa_simone I wish I had sum chik fa la
@SC_Tootie I'm about to get something to eat when I leave out
Ciara put me on them breakfast burritos from McDonald's
I hate that a lot of people don't know the difference between a "Taser" and a "Stungun"
RT @POTUSCHASE: just my Bel appreciation tweet bc she's an Actual princess ! she thinks she's my TOOTIE , but rlly ! she's my trixi…
"Hehe guess what...i...have...a...SPOON! Hehe" - Tootie
Can somebody buy me a stun gun? I need it for work.
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Found Fraserburgh January 6th somebody must know who owned this dog poor tootie x