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RT @Staircase2: 2) what once made it win was then discredited DURING those 3 terms BY Blair; tarnishing the brand with his and Mand…
RT @becca_sheridan_: having a boyfriend who's also your best friend is honestly the greatest feeling in the world
94 Riverview The trip is cancelled between Millénnium Station 6:32 to Blair station 7:06. Next trip 13 min later.
@shoe0nhead @MsBlaireWhite looks like he trolling her something fierce. he's just begging for a reaction from Blair.
RT @Muqadaam: BBC Breaking News : Libyan wins right to sue ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw . The Killing of Tony Blair mentions M…
@Kleinmaischeid The NHS was not in trouble under Blair's Gvt. You can claim it is but you are wrong. Stop listening to politicians.
RT @TheBlairDoc: The Killing$ of Tony Blair is now available Worldwide. #iTunes #Amazon #HMV…
RT @NKHNews: INSTAGRAM | Blair's story (blairnfriends)
@RTUKnews @UKSupremeCourt he & his filthy jew puppet blair are treasonous bastards to Britain. They should be in the Hague for war crimes
RT @NKHNews: INSTAGRAM | Normani today with Blair (via blairnfriends)
Blair just told me that there will be no snuggling tonight!! Like WTF???
@donflynnmrn @PeterKenyon imonic Peter Krnyon is a full supporter of the capitalist club ,or Blair and Mandleson
the only one deserving of blair's love
RT @D_Raval: Jack Straw is getting sued for illegal rendition to Libya. Come on Iraq get on the phone to your lawyers Blair, Straw and Campbell next
RT @freddyzur: Tony Blair "El venezolano no tiene espíritu luchador y es probable que por su actitud terminen como los cubanos"
@BBCNews Just goes to show how Poodle Blair & his government were so compliant with his handler Bush, no wonder they screwed the UK!!
RT @poots2edwin: Irish Language Act was not part of St Andrews Agreement, an annex gave a U.K. government position, Tony Blair pulled a fast one on SF.
@guardian @SueKeen1 I would rather have him than Blair.
@PaulStreeting Or a Future right wing labour party, we have had a right wing government since Thatcher Blair and now May.