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Nazi #goldtrain is more than 10 tons of gold and jewels. The train started in 1945 from Wrocław to Wałbrzych but never arrived there ...
RT @CleanerJoburg: FACT: Recycling saves 14 mill trees each year &helps to reduce Air pollutants by 165,142 tons #Recycle #Reduse #RecycleDay #WasteStopsWithME
RT @glowmongeau: i love tana, dnp, sam and the st cast tons 👼🏼🌼
@RajRajohak hey Guys! i found the glitch everyone is doing to get tons of Coins fast
50 tons de anil @ Florianópolis, Brazil
Sure, it'll generate tons of social media activity, but it will all be piss-taking
RT @JDMinthemix: Rappers, If ever you need hip hop beats, hit me up and I gotchuuuuuu! Literally tons of ideas!
poderiam ter me falado que 50 tons tem uma história foda , e não apenas sexo e blá blá
Tonight's Boxscore: Next game Monday at Comsewouge. Team coming together nicely, tons of improvement #KPVB
RT @mestrate: Iran replacing Venezuela in Spain’s oil market Spain imported 1.1m tons of Iranian crude in the 1st 7 months of 2016
Putting Up Tons of Shots in the BCT Lab. #Hungry #Humble #BCT
Inadmissible. Pendant que les pontes font fi du code de la route au giro deux tons avec ecorte
Man all these work out guides are like "DRINK TONS OF MILK" like bro I can't do that do you want me at the gym or at the toilet 🙃
RT @jonfavs: I've seen tons of reporters mocking the Oz incident today. This is our 3rd debate moderator.
RT @SnakeCharmer420: Evening Twitter my Everything & More ♥ I hope that all of your dreams for the day became a reality I missed YOU♥TONS
Alice Series of Disney had tons of movies yet different and new looking... — watching Alice Through the Looking Glass
RT @jmcoultrap: @elisa_brothaa you said tons of white people have pointed a gun at cops and lived. Show me evidence or your point was invalid
If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction at once, you could lift 25 tons.
RT @DiabetesNJonas: 24 years ago was born one of the best person in the world.. A boy who changed tons of lifes #HappyBirthdayNickJonas
RT @MeanGirl_Elle: May 20K na naman si Alexander. IBAAA!!! 😂🙌 XianLim InMTWI Sept16
RT @Im_yvone: Bente bente na naman ang shan wooot ikaw na talaga yan!!! 🙌🙌 XianLim InMTWI Sept16
.@skngov St Kitts registered Winter Bay, containing 1800 tons of frozen #FinWhale meat belonging to Hvalur left Norway last July #OpWhales
RT @ARTISTHOTPiNK: Check out "#NEWMUSIC "TONS" Artist Mixed " by Rapper HotPink -