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RT @LIPRINGDELONGE: petition for tom delonge to put his lip ring back in
@polariott @HahaEatMyDick is that you tom delonge? well fuck you tom for leaving blink182 and seriously UFOS???
RT @LIPRINGDELONGE: petition for tom delonge to put his lip ring back in
yo does anyone know where i can get a pillow case with tom delonge on it?? i want to get one as a birthday present for my friend!!
RT @LIPRINGDELONGE: petition for tom delonge to put his lip ring back in
@theonly_clairem @falloutmen lmao omg really?? I can't believe u remembered I was there... memories... Tom Delonge swore at me
Although I was hella disappointed with his inactivity in blink-182, Tom DeLonge really is a musical genius and could do well on his own.
RT @DJDelleon: Tom Delonge UFOS 2016 Disclosure Interview Aliens Extraterrestrials And ... via @YouTube
This is tom delonge? ♫ I Tried by Balancing the Different —
Does Tom DeLonge have a personality doppelganger and is he single?
Tom DeLonge - The Pursuit of Tone (Full Documentary - 2016) via @YouTube
quem lembra da epoca q eu gostava do tom delonge kjkjkjkkjkj a maior otaria
I'm a huge stadium rock fan, but I'm also a fan of everything from M... #TomDeLonge #citations
tom delonge is 6'4" what the fuck.
tom delonge the type of guy who speaks in nothing but ted talks
imagine being tom delonge and sitting googling yourself to find old blink promo shots to crop mark and travis out of
o dave fez uma referencia ao tom delonge
I don't listen to punk any more, unless it's right before I play. Not t... #TomDeLonge #quotes
I want a marriage like Jennifer and Tom DeLonge. Plz.
RT @HoppusStan: skater guys aren't hot .... it's ... it's just the allusion that makes me think of tom delonge ...
Young Tom Delonge could get ittttt