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What are your dreams? People always laugh at me what when I talk about mine.
@RespeckTheStar the narratives are different bc Brady has always played better when it matters. Now you could point to head to head and say
@RenaultSportF1 the cars look much better in their natural surroundings 😎😎😎 good luck for 2017
My bro's late Christmas present 🎁 😍 #Brady
RT @eddiefloresIV: Me: Sees that the dishes didn't clean themselves over night
RT @FirstTake: .@willcain reacts to Tom Brady's ski fall video ... Who agrees?
@Glockonenine @PaulNanos 1) I never touted popularity. 2) There's no other stars COMPARABLE to them. Still are stars.. Like Brady & Rodgers
Explain why the narratives are different for Peyton and Brady when PM kills TB and PM had much less help…
But some straight people are the equivalent of Satan. Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tom Brady, Pat Robertson, Paris H…
@emirates @EwanMacKenna throw that one in your argument with Mr Brady last night!!
RT @TomFcknBrady: Aaron Rodgers Admits Tom Brady is the GOAT QB
Tom Brady tony snow I just backdoe'd ya hoe
Babe Ruth big money autographs, collect safer & save on authentication, Tom Brady, rare rock from Denny's and...
RT @funnyordie: Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but terrible at hiding his thick Boston accent.
RT @cinddy_m: my mom use to clean homes for 1 of the Brady bunch kids, now she owns a home in the same community.Btw she's legal #ADayWithoutImmigrants
I picked Brady's strike v Chelsea as my goal of the weekend. Let @SuperSportTV know your favourite. #SSFootball
NFL: Rodgers: "Brady ist der Grâßte aller Zeiten"