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RT @Leia_a_Biblia: (Mateus 9:2) - E Jesus, vendo a fé deles, disse ao paralítico: Filho, tem bom ânimo, perdoados te são os teus pecados. #Jesus
RT @trillac_: Kings traded Boogie without even sending him an email. Jesus Christ.
Holiness is Our Great New Way of Life *JESUS IS LORD*
RT @asiaaarea: This week shall be a good week in Jesus name
RT @angie_nitz: #Jesus teaches us to love in a way that we are unable so that we must rely on him. @RevMacaroni @HolyCrossDallas #Mystery #HCDallas
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful *JESUS IS LORD*
RT @howamisolucky: "Wait, what if Jesus Christ had a last nam- oh shit never mind Christ is his last name oops"-@httpsbecca
RT @AmyMek: Jesus warned of false prophets! Swedish church removes crosses to make Muslim "Refugees" feel welcome.🙄…
RT @sexylhez: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. #DestinedToBeYoursIn7Days
RT @Kaaysaan1: I love you , but Jesus loves you best 😌
RT @MilitarisCath: In every battle, conflict or controversy, our Help is in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! -- All victory is from…
RT @angie_nitz: #Jesus defines love differently and by expanding the definition he expands the impact. @RevMacaroni @HolyCrossDallas #Mystery #HCDallas
RT @Ericklarru: Si nuestro propósito como iglesia son los “números”, entonces no somos diferentes de los cambistas de dinero q Jesús confrontó en el templo.
Amazing Amazing Amazing *JESUS IS LORD*
RT infinite_mind: Remember: You are what you say and think, not what others say and think. -Duane Morse #Jesus #Ch
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.]" ~Romans 16:24 #Bible
@volodze_kp мой хуй больше, чем у некоторых девушек. По-любому завидуют))0)
RT @Leia_a_Biblia: (Mateus 4:17) - Desde então começou Jesus a pregar, e a dizer: Arrependei-vos, porque é chegado o reino dos céus. #Jesus
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews A clueless 'individual' running the free world. Jesus almighty...
RT @FernandaKeulla: Jesus!!! eu nessa festa bapho ia sair mais mastigada do que o chicletes!