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@jr_gerhart This isn't a close one imo
RT @nicksparks94: boyfriEND girlfriEND best friEND All of these have an END CRACK is FOREVER
@annecha_gerhart Je comptais regarder le replay en entier je sens que ça va être particulièrement difficile
RT @PatriceReviron: Le budget de la nation, pour mille euros: « Dont justice: 4€ » Quatre pour mille. Dont la majeure partie est c…
RT @cooperwhite14: There’s old and then there’s white New Balance old
Maybe it’s just me but cereal should not be a breakfast food, cereal is only good as a snack after 9 pl
Newks doesn’t even have chips and rotel
@MrDBCross Software-only drivers need only EV Certificate for signing. I don't hear about opportunities for testing it for WHQL quality.
@jr_gerhart Leave me and my paninis alone.
@poseymoneyreid Well deserved disrespect
@jr_gerhart Shocking amount of disrespect for Pepper’s here.
Which is better?
Ich gewann soeben 1 inoffizielles wettrutsch Battle mit Tom Gerhart. Böm
@artem_i_baranov @JosephBialek Does that option only create illusion of defense from all side-channel techniques? I…
It’s never the wrong time to learn from a past mistake. Instea... More for Aries
@JosephBialek Yes, it is actual for some 3rd party security system, working in Windows+Citrix terminal services environment
@JosephBialek @gerhart_x Hope they will still certify drivers that are compiled without kernel Retpoline support.
Die Führung "Rosa Luxemburg zum Gedenken" mit Sebastian Januszewski am 19. Januar ist bereits ausgebucht. Zusatzt…
@gerhart_x I didn’t even know this is still a thing...