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RT @stupidworlx: Toby & Spencer 🌟 #RT si tu ship. #FAV si non.
@shadowsxlights C'est là que Toby & Spencer se mettent ensemble non ? (Je me souviens plus, ça fait quelques mois déjà que je l'ai vue)
RT @GabyGianniny: Fandom: OMG HOW IS TOBY GOING TO REACT TO THIS? Toby: ''Spencer I can't lose you, stay with me, please''
@PLLTVSeries Toby & Spencer are my fave characters,my feels still haven't recovered.But I'm hoping they'll be fine..😦💔
I liked a @YouTube video 101 Reasons to Ship Spoby (Toby & Spencer)
Love this fanvid #Spoby #Pll It's perfect for #Friz as well #GH Toby Spencer - Way back into love
"The devil has a name, and it is Toby." -Spencer, 1×7 "You are my once upon a time" -Spencer, 5×12 @PLLTVSeries
RT @RetsOrFavs: REQUESTED RT for Caleb & Hanna #Haleb FAV for Toby & Spencer #Spoby #PLL
Toby & Spencer = <3 LOVE THEMMM
I really like Drew and Jason. I feel like Jason made mistakes early in life & is trying to do better. He is reall…
@SexuaITalk Chuck&Blair #GG Tate&Violet #AHS Toby&Spencer #PLL
Toby & Spencer || Everything via @YouTube
Jenna and Toby Spencer -Owner <3
RT @cambrielangel: Toby&Spencer 💕 -Season 3 Toby was a shitty boyfriend, but he wanted to protect her -Both deserve way better -ENDGAME
Omaygahd? 😢 pero as long as magkakabalikan si Toby&Spencer at Hanna&Caleb masaya na din me 💕
Well whatever. I hate Mona. I love Toby & Spencer! Wtf is up with Garrett & Jenna? Emily is fine af. I hope Caleb & Hanna work out. Ugh!!!
Aria, Caleb, Toby, Spencer, Ezra
le couple toby-spencer est trop bizarre j'aime pas
"University Life" (Toby) Spencer was resting on my shoulder but I could tell she hadn't fallen asleep.
Omg Emily telling Toby spencer is with someone else I AM CRYN POOR TOBY POOR SPENCE
CeCe, Wren, Mona, Toby, Spencer, Sara, Jenna, Melissa, Shana, Sydney and Meredith.