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Avon Prima Eau De #Parfum bottles the delicate, yet powerful movement of ballet w/plum top notes! - Avon Rep…
RT @baechuxs: Brand Rep. Index: September ranking of female ads/endorsement spokeperson, #Irene ranks 6😁
RT @TLRPES: [ES] new own nih. followan yuk? rep/rt
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@SenJohnMcCain @morningmika That's the hero Dems and Rep love and respect!
RT @PLAYMFSUB: #ptl followan sklian temenan sma gua yok? rt/rep jfb nya jangan lupa yg pasti @atmoufser
RT @News12LI: Rep. Peter King sees potential upside from Trump's U.N. speech as N. Korea tensions rise
RT @eissolomon11: Another CROOKedDemocrat: Indicted stateRep.DawnnaDukes spent $51k online psychic #SaturdayMorning #FridayFeeling…
RT @dcexaminer: Top Republicans lend clout to push CIA to release still-secret JFK files
RT @PLAYMFSUB: #ptl followan sma aku yuk? Rt/rep strh kalian, jfb ya guys @kkimsejeongi
RT @suppuuri: These men are so threatened by an extremely successful anime with LGBT rep by two women they resort to backhanded c…
RT @PLAYMFSUB: #ptl followan kuuyy rt/rep jfb yhaa rep kalo mau sekalian mt-an >< @parxyeon
@realDonaldTrump is a Petulant child a white Supremacist stop attacking Women and minorities the Rep party belongs 2 President Bannon not U
RT @ericgarland: Rep Quigley: 1. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE SEEN IN THE SCIF? DO YOU? 2. Devin Nunes is a guilty, treason-y buttpain.
RT @dril: The wine imparts a foreign bitterness. How could he betray me? We were brothers. I fall to the ground. Execute a partial curl. One last rep.
RT @TLRPES: [ES] followan? rep ae peka dn @rlwyif
RT @exoticgamora: Bipartisan efforts started to fix obamacare, but stopped due to #GrahamCasiddy Call your rep and demand #FixACA
RT @DonnaMartinNeth: You've been in office over 30 yrs and done NOTHING in a bipartisan way! YOUcall yourself a REP. BUT you vote as a…
Then WHY JOHN McCain, do u cont to VOTE W UR DEMS get out of OUR REP PARTY go bk to ur Dems be their mole bc Reps d…
RT @ERPETLS: [rpw] followan?rep/rt @htffny_
@LAGalaxy Last weekend my rep said he’d call me 4 renewals before the deadline. I did not hear from him all week. Guess I’m not renewing.
RT @ERPETLS: [Rpw] followan sama cogan? Rt/rep jfb -daniel
RT @Chris_1791: Rep. Mo Brooks: Electing Roy Moore Is Key to Draining the Swamp and Sending a Message to D.C.……