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@SiennaTNA @TNA_Rosemary I haven't much cos unemployed (health stuffs) but I donated $5 (not sure what that is in my native £). :)
身近なところからエシカルを。“オニのパンツはいいパンツ♪【JUBAN DO ONI】は社会に良い。” by @Shingo_tna
サステナブルな社会へ。“DNPとアートコーヒーが【フェアトレード認証コーヒー】を開発。” by @Shingo_tna
@davemeltzerWON what % of TNA tv or PPV shows have had more than 1000 in attendance in the past decade?
Reminder: watching Piers Morgan flail at the Leveson Inquiry remains a great way to relax. Starts at 1:14:14.
@Miu_PAC 今日もお疲れ様でした〜( ᵕᴗᵕ )💕 おやすみう〜(✿︎´ ꒳ ` )♡︎
RT @CatchCSF: NEWS | #Impact: Anthem Sports a décidé d'abandonner le nom TNA et de juste garder le nom "Impact Wrestling"....
RT @SeekingAlpha: As Trump Takes Over, This Is How The Pros Are Positioned $SPY $SH $TBT $TLT $IWM $TZA $SSO $TNA $VOO $SDS $UUP
RT @ANN7tv: Rooney breaks United scoring record in draw at Stoke|
RT @SiennaTNA: Yes if you're not in the US & I will donate in your name. Sounds sketch but you'll see your donation on the site😂 P…
RT @funassyi: みんなーこんなっしー♪ヾ(。゜▽゜)ノいやー今日は寒いから部屋に篭ってたなっしー♪やっぱ新しい梨小屋は落ち着くなっしー♪ 明日もみんな元気に過ごせます様に熱湯梨汁ブシャー・;* もすらいおんー
@ShootKicks @BrentDelivine I liked his theme in TNA. I am not really liking anything about him in NJPW save for him being in LIJ.
RT @ElClasicoInfo: #TNA | #SaltaBasket | "INCOMUNICADOS" | Los Infernales cayeron frente a Comunicaciones de Mercedes |…
「ソシャゲに意地でも課金しない人」と「秒速で課金する人」の違い (ITmedia Mobile) #NewsPicks
RT @pzegryfrzyciofy: Nienawidzę, kiedy ktoś mówi, że tną się idioci, ludzie głupi i słabi. Największe kłamstwo, jakie w życiu usłyszałam.
Our weekly CHAT is now open here: Join us anytime this weekend for #TNA & pro wrestling talk. #IMPACTonPOP #RIPChris
RT @TheShannonBrand: The new Direction of TNA is exciting. I hope nothing but the best!!!
RT @shortdancevids: Need a partner to dance like this with!