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I dunno why people complain that @RealMikeBennett and @MariaLKanellis are on #205live now. 1 - they get TV time. Lo…
아침을 깨우는 하나 @ant_tna_
@ChrisMNovak Early TNA was so good though. Basically pre-Bischoff. Still cleaning up the pieces but 2018 had some nice moments tbh.
I know @RobertONeill31 agrees but man, when TNA was at it's peak it was a 10 on the watchability scale. Basically pre-Bischoff/Hogan.
extraño los días enteros en el club por quedarme a ver el tna
@ChrisMNovak His run in TNA as a power-hungry heel could have been so much more but they ruined it like always.
@Tina_Scott95 @TonyaPozey Its time for a new wrestling trivia question: I just counted 10 former TNA/Impact WHC wre…
"Please Protect The Village And The Uchiha's Name... You're My Best Friend... The Only One I Can Ask This..." (Shisui Uchiha)"
@sensepirational @FightfulOnline How do you explain the weeks where RAW went down and Smackdown went up which has h…
RT @yeahheey: A ki pa kur e ujit 1 lule rritet bohet shum ebukur . Edhe tu lujt me top i bjen topi lules edhe e then . Pastaj Lu…
RT @TamilGuardian: TNA-UNP deal must be made public - PHU leader #Tamil #lka
RT @yenko531: 커미션으루 그린 허묵유연 입니다~~🥳 신청해주셔서 감사합니다!
We do not talk about this era of TNA's tag division enough. Every single match was fire
학교가기... 넘 싫다... 개춥다...
I liked a @YouTube video TNA Christmas iMPACT! - OSW Review 68
@OSWreview @Maffewgregg Is Smackdown just TNA without russo?
RT @MiDNiTEplaysTTV: [Xbox One X] Blackout GRiND Using @tobiigaming Eye Tracker |Level 72+| @VeltGG…