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Giving my Burnout and the Cult of Busy talk next week at Stack. I've read your TLs, y'all need this one.
RT @THLibrariZen: Striving to be the force of change I wish to see. Proud to join other #FutureReady TLs! @FollettLearning…
Vald il est magique ce gars
RT @nemoloris: In 1964 Tom Scott wrote a letter to the TLS complaining about concrete poetry. This was Ian Hamilton Finlay's reply.
RT @DDlloww: #The Light Show #TLS🚦 January 21, 2017❕ 9pm-1am Dj Juan on the beats❕ Bands only 🤚🏾 dollars Hit us up for bands no…
RT @drunkheda: I'm sorry but Orphan black deserves so much recognition, I will never stop spamming yalls tls with it sorry
RT @doniable: Quand j'vois le bac qu'arrive a grande vitesse
@Keet67 Yeah, I'm putting up a 'little' speech to hopefully brighten up the cast and crew's tls.
🎉: @TheTLS praises Yarbrough's "elegant & well-edited" translation of al-Nabulusi's controversial SWORD OF AMBITION…
RT: TheTLS - Why we should stop chasing happiness and abandon ourselves to the pleasure of the moment
@m0ette yes keep blessing our TLs pls
Après la CAN, la ligue 2 de foot, le tennis et Pogba, @TLSfrance3tv se rappelle qu'il y a le #Handball2017. Demain dans TLS express ?
Why we should stop chasing happiness and abandon ourselves to the pleasure of the moment
RT @kelseyhightower: Too many lean on firewall rules as the primary means of security when TLS mutual auth and policy at the application level is required.
RT @typerioter: Bhakts have burning TLs 24x7. Burning in hate, rage, bigotry. All the time.
RT @MonicaYuuki: Vengo a llenar vuestras TLs de adorabilidad.
@JazzyFucknB forreal😭😭😭 both my TLs all over the place dfl
【PEAP】 Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol 拡張認証プロトコル (EAP) の一部。認証対象のPEAPクライアントと、NPS実行サーバや他のRADIUSサーバなどの認証システム間の暗号化チャネルをTLSにより作成する。
I feel bad for my mutuals who only follow a few people cause I make their tls so messy and I tweet and retweet so much I'm sorry I love you
RT @Maxine12333: Reading TLs is therapeutic when you find a bit of yourself in others tweets.  It's both humbling and reassuring to know you are not unique