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@TLC Worst ever. Get rid of her.
RT @RICOriq: TLC bodied the All That Intro
RT @Lucaaselias13: Tá loco as mina de sp é outra fita tlc KKK as da quebrada feiona querendo pagar de pá aprendam com as mina daqui suas pé de vala kkkkk
RT @CSandoval_AHS: Introducing the first TEC Leadership Council. Congratulations on being selected to the 2019-2020 TLC! ⁦@TEC_AHS⁩…
RT @NateBerkus: We're back! Ready for another all new episode of #NandJByDesign tonight at 9/8c on @TLC. @JeremiahBrent
RT @Gary95311922: nobody has ever seen this side of grim tlc backyard wrestling match via @GrimsToyShow via @YouTube plz retweet
@TLC So excited when it was announced that Trading Spaces was coming back. Now I am so angry I can barely speak. Th…
RT @JeremiahBrent: Retweet if you have some space on your couch so we can come over to watch #NandJByDesign tonight. See you later ton…
@WitchyWife1964 I feel good about this one. Her complications are MUCH less severe than Meredith's. And she seems t…
@ieroooo179 完璧な人面猫で笑っちゃいましたwww あらひニキに比べれば悪意がないしむしろかわいいのでOKです👌🙆
RT @RICOriq: TLC bodied the All That Intro
@jennyfherr_ Fiz Tlc só 1 ano depois de vc. Somos idosas
RT @rachsyme: This interview with the reclusive Thomas Harris is wonderful but also it reminds me of my favorite tweet of all tim…
Idk about y’all, but I do believe the @FOXNOW app on Roku could use some TLC. Twice now it’s quit in the middle of my show!
RT @13Clarity: 13Love 13Wisdom 13Knowledge 13RAspect TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE
@flordecakiito Miga não é isso kkk eu to falando que você tá fazendo o escolar e eu já tava no tlc. Eu sou quase uma idosa
RT @treweisj: Of course, Jeremiah is going to sage the house. #NandJByDesign
RT @Londons_Legacy: Gosh, they’ve worked magic!! #NandJByDesign
RT @spacejamkp: Never missing #NandJByDesign on a Saturday. Fave show. ❤️
mas esse ingresso tá mais caro que não sei oque tlc