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RT @Kojima_Hideo: TITANSからマッツさんきたーーーーーー!!! https://t.co/5u0s8w8UfE
RT @CHANNINGPOSTERS: Two beautiful people: Steve Reeves and Virna Lisi in Duel of the Titans, 1961. https://t.co/E4c7SUcrjf
#CartoonNetwork: TEEN TITANS GO!, #Cartoonito: Little People, #La7: Meteo, #Laeffe: Effe come Festival, #Rai2: Le sorelle McLeod
こりすがよくこのアニメを見ているのですが、主題歌が日本語なので「なぜ?」と思ってググったらPuffyが歌ってるんですね。日本でも放映されていたのかな?Teen titans theme song (Japanese) https://t.co/vH6ANDAQqc
RT @NYDNSports: UPDATE: The @NFL will allow @Titans and @Browns players to participate in 'My Cause My Cleats' campaign in Week 14 https://t.co/75uBQx11v9
@nazunasnito him: IM GONNA KILL ALL THE TITANS Also him: gets eaten by a titan before armin does u idiot armin the weak mushroom outlived u
My broncos gotta beat the titans
RT @allyjung: S. Korean industry titans made to sweat in scandal probe @AFP https://t.co/3S1xlzNzuu
RT @APklug: Decent sign of how unusual this political takedown of SKorea's biz titans is - 3 hours in & it's still live on all… https://t.co/sX8YDuBxVt
RT @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN: Oh yes! Just received Mads-san from TITANS! https://t.co/3rfFmNBMc5
RT @CelinaArzola: really want someone to eat pizza with and watch remember the titans with me while we lay in bed
RT @Kojima_Hideo: TITANSからマッツさんきたーーーーーー!!! https://t.co/5u0s8w8UfE
RT @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN: Oh yes! Just received Mads-san from TITANS! https://t.co/3rfFmNBMc5
Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Full Match Highlights & 2016 BPL Match No 42 Highlights HD https://t.co/XGjH8i4juU
RT @GCTitans: The boys congratulating graduates of our Deadly Futures program. Well ... almost all of the graduates. 😂 FULL 🎥:… https://t.co/TIBPTsEXqV
Korea corporate chiefs deny seeking favours for donations https://t.co/D1axx966PL
@CreatifiyRTR with the Eagles to move down to 9, then with the titans to move down to 15
RT @Titans: Congrats to Whitehaven's Rodney Saulsberry - our 2016 Tennessee Titans High School Coach of the Year! https://t.co/KInkz8tZ69
The best read for a long time. Tim Ferriss Tools of Titans https://t.co/C9Aqm7CMvN page 301 $100k on Kickstarter in 10 days. Excellent.
The Bionis and the Mechonis. The titans were locked in a timeless battle.