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@W0NK042 @DCUSwampThing @TheDCUniverse Like titans it cost to much so what maybe season 2 woo b more
RT @ErikBacharach: It's the place that always felt like his NFL home, Alterraun Verner said. Even after he left to join the Bucs in 20… https://t.co/HYWc4AiGfd
RT @FRAttackOnTitan: Pour la reprise de L'Attaque des titans saison 3 partie 2. @Wakanim propose de faire gagner 5 codes de 1 mois sur… https://t.co/7Wvmemmx9q
@badboykevin420 there's small chances that each level will have only a specific kind of enemy, e.g. beetles + queen… https://t.co/g1KISXgFl1
RT @AllanBell247: Source says the Titans are opening the season in Cleveland against the Browns. Wouldn't book a hotel based on it… https://t.co/LSmG3RAMl1
RT @chanimekidz: Sehun as Levi from Attack on Titans https://t.co/J6smO5t95n
Titans @ Browns week 1
RT @ItsForexTime: 4 rounds - 💸$80,000 total prize pool 💸 - are you ready for FXTM TITANS: Demo Trading Contest 2019? Join the first r… https://t.co/PgAWNaczpU
@DCUSwampThing @DCComics @TheDCUniverse Is it gonna be part of the arrowverse? Because I'm getting a bit tired of a… https://t.co/FYwR2imj1H
space jesus inside of him, Clif is a brain in a robot body. BUT for Jane and Niles it makes ZERO sense. Apparently… https://t.co/DbVUxOvYGY
RT @JArnoldTAMU85: These recruit commitment videos are getting out of hand https://t.co/yUyQ8ciNDH
@TheShinyNoivern @DCUSwampThing @TheDCUniverse It was same for titans over budget so they made it ten episodes not… https://t.co/MqUDj8tbEv
RT @COMICSBLOGFRA: #Titans saison 1 : le Blu-Ray en juillet 2019, avec beaucoup de bonus | https://t.co/UpMbalbKSV… https://t.co/JZ2igHvWUD
Ironically, this will be a matchup between the two finalists in Fox Sports' fan poll, which the #Browns won after t… https://t.co/YTMiDDb0q8
Odgledao Titans, moram reci da je na pocetku dost try-hard edgy, ali pri kraju sezone postane stvarno dobra. Jedva cekam drugu sezonu :D
@Aray6444 @Browns finished 7-8-1 @Titans finished 9-7.... @Browns traded one of their best offensive linemen.… https://t.co/uQSmZvZgY2
Alterraun Verner retires after signing a 1-day contract with the #Titans https://t.co/3kogbKYBTG
RT @LeroyInsider: BARKING NEWS: The most anticipated game of the year- the annual Thursday night Jags/Titans color rush game will be… https://t.co/UesZndEq2n
RT @Titans: #OTD in 1999, the #Titans select Florida DE Jevon Kearse (@JevonKearse) with the 16th overall pick in the #NFLDraft. https://t.co/Ai4Vn6oegG
RT @LetsTitans: Alright, here's my official Teen Titans reading list. I've marked eras I consider easy jumping on points in red wit… https://t.co/55kX3oYk58
@andisi_c @kevinmarsh8 @pete_bull_ @AlunIwanDavies Haaaa I should have been there to document this clash of titans
@BuckReising Then the Titans have never had a good WR coach.