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RT @jetbougan: hello and welcome to the only Titans thing i, or possibly anyone, will make https://t.co/NGSR0fh3pR
@Calilimero_ @FoF_AnMa @RebeuDeter Attend, shingoku no truc c'est food wars ou attack on titans je suis perdu aled
@animaggus Like, if he peed it would have a had a big impact on the ph level of the ocean! And his poops?! What did… https://t.co/r2ENy6DOZw
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/0NKMmfU9Vb TITANS - Official Trailer - DC Universe REACTION!!
RT @XepherSicarius: So I saw the new Teen Titans trailer and I had to make this https://t.co/IrLJeT6Egj
@Nash076 Everyone stopped being horny and got mad at the Titans trailer instead.
La nouveauté du Dimanche 22 juillet 2018 Diffusion internet mondiale : L'attaque des Titans - saison 3
@DiversityAndCmx I found 3 of them. Can’t find the Teen Titans.
RT @jetbougan: hello and welcome to the only Titans thing i, or possibly anyone, will make https://t.co/NGSR0fh3pR
RT @RottenTomatoes: "F*ck Batman..." The #DCUniverse goes dark in the first trailer for #TITANS https://t.co/87itlJTfVu
RT @MEdwardsVA: It's weird to think that at this moment Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is the highest rated theatrical superhero fil… https://t.co/Ih9J50A2cN
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/k2gG74ZZs6 Titans Official Trailer - Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy Explained
"TITANS! TITANS!! TITANS!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
RT @SeriesBrasil: Imagens do traje completo do Robin e os visuais de Ravena, Mutano e Estelar na nova série da DC sobre os Titans.… https://t.co/Ia6P83DUQn
attaque des titans c’est a quel h l’episode ????
Please don't play with my emotions @tarastrong the OG Teen Titans was my childhood. I hope there is truly a season… https://t.co/RcjwZaq7u7
RT @GregCipes: This was the best @Comic_Con of my life! Thanks @EW for capturing such a magical time for us Titans!… https://t.co/lQGSXhqpmA
Reaction to TITANS Official Trailer: https://t.co/yB8R1W17pE via @YouTube
RT @SeriesBrasil: VEM MELHOR SÉRIE DA DC! 😱 Primeiro trailer oficial de TITANS, nova série da DC com Ravena, Estelar, Mutano e Robin… https://t.co/gcCrLBKzuu
Tb p8 💕 -Luis Miguel -Mi perrita -Nuevos lentes -Teen Titans https://t.co/QEXMPgAsCY
RT @SeriesBrasil: eu to tao apaixonado pela Anna Diop como Estelar um mulherão da porra e nada mais importa se nao for a minha opinia… https://t.co/78COv9GyRT
RT @DCUniverseClub: คะแนน Teen Titans Go to the Movie ชุดแรก 10 คนกดสดหมด 100% เต็ม วู้วววว ฉายไทยเถิดดดดด https://t.co/fM1ww7ajNp