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So did Tipper Gore get appointed to the youtube board? No monetizing videos with profanity. Can't I just sign a baby ears waiver?
I didn't know Al and Tipper Gore honeymooned here! #laketahoesummit2016 #tahoelife
Then Jackie Kennedy, Tipper Gore, Victoria Kennedy, & Elizabeth Edwards are all martyrs. What great husbands! https://t.co/Rv9pzeaVGV
@Trillburne just you wait, january of next year tipper gore will be roaming the country banning all of your audio cassettes
@ThisDayInMETAL As long as she leaves the music alone... think Tipper Gore!
They are playing "welcome to the jungle." At Wal Mart... I wonder how Tipper Gore feels about this? Also... Ha ha! We're old!
@10CanBananaMilk A lot of people blame Nader for GWB ending up in the White House, but we know it was Tipper Gore.
I'm in love with gunhating Tipper Gore
@gentlemanirish @WestJournalism The Obamas could not top Al Gore's claim that Love Story told the tale of his romance with Tipper.
Past conference topics have included strengthening the role of fathers in children's lives, the #TipperGore #quotes https://t.co/Ba8v4khoxu
My novel is set in the mid 90s. Great excuse to binge on #GilmoreGirls episodes. Seriously, they just made a Tipper Gore joke.
@SopanDeb With Tipper "PMRC" Gore as his dance partner? Not seeing it.
Tipper Gore is Karen Roane who is not the mother to Bill's children because Marguerite DeWitt is the mother to the https://t.co/pxSegGM9G8
Several months ago Tipper Gore drew attention to this priority. It must become now a top priority. https://t.co/j7KKSnFKd2
I decided the only solution was to burn a tree - please do not report me to Tipper Gore.
@mtracey the Tipper Gore of Twitter.
@Ironman_Ryan The 80's were a totally different era than now though. That's what you got to remember. That's when tipper gore took Dee
Eating disorders can have serious medical and psychological consequences which, left uncheck #TipperGore #quotation https://t.co/N7VYq2cSGj
MTV is censoring a lot of words they don’t need to censor. cc: Tipper Gore
@Sr0bi me of Tipper Gore and her efforts in the 90's with labeling music lol.