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RT @GucciMarLaFlare: Nerf war at Tipper & Friends who's down😝
I should learn tipper F-smash reads on Yoshi's double jumping patterns.
RT @noelly_c: HappyBirthday to Vee👲🏻 the most generous person I know & the best tipper in the state 😂😊! I'll see y'all in June! @victoriasadee
RT @enchantedmendo: Our #EFG2017 Line-Up is here: Tipper's only 2017 California Appearance! https://t.co/jpjtyGMARP
Var du god med Rubiks kube? Vi tipper at Håkon Follegg Paulsen (9) er enda bedre. Sjekk denne lille videoen! https://t.co/O6swcKDn9h
RT @_jazzycherie: This #festival #lineup from @enchantedmendo is making me feel ALL types of ways 💦Hint: TIPPER is involved ! https://t.co/dmmjYbBOqU
RT @Knuthov: Tipper Carl I. ikke er sjokkert over at en gutt med mental alder på åtte år er sendt alene tilbake til Afghanistan https://t.co/y5j1zvIOIq
RT @enchantedmendo: Drumroll please... Announcing our most #Enchanted music #lineup to date! See you in June at Black Oak Ranch! https://t.co/LzYKvPYCf8
Hellooo... :) That's My Name (Tipper_St_Clair) https://t.co/lfQUjUDn5K
Vi tar vel ikke akkurat en råsjans hvis vi tipper at dette blir bli en av Norges mest solgte biler..? https://t.co/A4S57X77vg
@realDonaldTrump What happened to the infrastructure funding n the jobs that would result? How safe r we if bridges collapse, trains derail?
@MrMarcusFlint -- outside if the house isn't ready. I can send Sybbie if you and Tipper need her some day, just let me know" Running a hand-
RT @BathChron: Speed camera to be set up on Bath tipper tragedy road... https://t.co/uUYzlZ7gMp #BathLIVE https://t.co/6DcZ3axe19
@pulmyears @JuddApatow @realDonaldTrump If his sons repaid cost of sec serv WE pay for when they travel, wouldn't need any cuts.
My boy #tipper licking his mouth after a treat! Poor boy can't eat hard food… https://t.co/uHbvM2is3S
@Jackie_Blue_CA @karmakimmie @JoyAnnReid @EricIdle States do handle it you jackass. Feds provide some funds, but states and locals do too.
Isuzu Tipper Registered (Used) Lorry https://t.co/iwZKOvEdTo
@Naturogkultur Sjekk apps som har tilgang under settings. Tipper det er malware som har lurt til seg tilgang og tatt over.
RT @jamessieckmann: Excited to announce Matthew Tipper @academy_toya as my associate coach on @EuropeanTour. Short Game & Putting Solution concepts 4 Europe.
Highest tipper tonight gets naughty Polaroids of @SexieVonKat and I!! 💓 https://t.co/LPkFP2i8vn
RT @explicitwink: Harry is a horrible tipper and that's a fact https://t.co/5QQww1I4ae