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RT @JanaMercereau: 2017 #MnA predictions: Big deals will become more socially responsible https://t.co/IUy3ZaVhZF #CSR #leadership #davos2017 @WTWcorporate
RT @TINY_withFun: *배송지 오류* 김지현/3124 빠른 연락바랍니다:)
With Its Tiny Size, is the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is a Capable Smartphone? https://t.co/Pljl9zUN1X #featuredposts #mobileapps
Cute horny brunette babe gets tiny https://t.co/MJZC9oVYR6
RT @jiminupdates: His hands are so tiny and so small its so cute (*≧∇≦*) https://t.co/0hkuKGsXJe
RT @CllrBSilvester: Life saving cancer ops cancelled but tiny Pacific island with just 42 people gets £18m in UK Foreign Aid Only @UKIP… https://t.co/PIQoRCADA8
https://t.co/hvfp8YrRIU Wish I'd been alive to see Peter Beardsley play, closest thing to Messi you're likely to see
@hugh_canning @Tonywauk @Symphony_Hall Also, his setting "Set me as a seal" is a tiny, three-minute masterpiece.
RT @U_S_O: ガヴリールドロップアウト第1話の某シーンがシコでした https://t.co/n4quaJmci8
RT @jodohoppa: [ PO / HELP RT ♡ ] ✨ STARRY NIGHT PHONE CASE by jodohoppa ✨ . all info will be updated on the replies below . ORDER… https://t.co/TVIXHBnHIL
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35 https://t.co/hRlKMkQ8hJ #jesus #TRUTH https://t.co/xeiS4FFXcb #jesus
I love Louis he so tiny and cute😚 https://t.co/AjhALc73dN
RT @SpenceLivermore: "Europe will be 'in tiny pieces' if it punishes us" "Give us fair deal or you'll be crushed" This level of delusion… https://t.co/70j5v9pdkK
I have a hard time with focusing on tiny details when i sketch and it makes my stuff really stiff but i cant do that in photoshop really
RT @NatGeo: These tiny seahorses are only 2.7 centimeters long—and their skin perfectly mimics the corals where they live https://t.co/HX2OocpFAb
RT @elactobuddy: cries a tiny bit.. i cant believe they r so beautiful... https://t.co/7pmlmiChlC
RT @JackJ: If you need me... You know where to find me
I don't feel so trapped in my tiny beachside hemisphere and that gives me enormous hope. Touch wood.