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Whatever the opposite of a shout out is to craigslist for showing me the cutest ever tiny house in fucking TULSA ev… https://t.co/tXvHeFmL2B
RT @wreckedbias97: BTS heard they have to do a kpop pose & said fuck this I'm staying in the car
Yoongi is just as tiny up close as he looks in pictures, I can confirm that he IS, in fact, a little meow meow
RT @MissRoxanaRae: 📷 roxanarae: New SPH Clip from Goddess Roxana Rae: “Tiny Christmas”... https://t.co/j9pFObT7wx
@JUNIUS_64 Great, my instictive "how can I make this worse" sense just had me consider what it would look like if i… https://t.co/gejwqQLOoX
RT @sugafull27: FAKE LOVE ROCK VERSION TODAY AT MAMA?!!😱😱!!!!! I still remember how shocking their DNA rock version with full liv… https://t.co/8B8n4tKoiM
RT @dodo: This dog is the queen of her household 👑 But she had to learn to share, because a new tiny animal joined her family… https://t.co/eMWyxnXvRi
RT @UKFOOT_MISTRESS: RT What a messy #footbitch That will teach her for wearing so much slap! Watch how she takes My super sized feet in… https://t.co/Fi7vACGO5B
RT @GrinchMovieJP: まもなく #映画グリンチ 公開🎬 🎁🎁緊急プレゼント決定🎁🎁 なんとっ‼️日本版イメージソング「Tiny Baby」を歌うPerfumeのサイン入り🖊️映画オリジナルトレーナーを抽選で3名様にプレゼント💚 本アカウントをフォロ… https://t.co/WgcqrY4Fnm
RT @squires_david: Here’s this week’s cartoon (no, it’s not as good as the Piers Morgan one yesterday. He does make a tiny cameo thoug… https://t.co/wKESXkh9ZP
What if tiny people could air guitar like a pro
@TheMattofG @iainwi @DeanRyan77 @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Relative to the gen pop it's tiny though.
feeling her teeny tiny kicks is priceless 😭😍
RT @joynessthebrave: @cathjmag St A's is pretty tiny so there's less than a dozen homeless people, but my priest has personally taken th… https://t.co/IdKlI6gpj3