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@OpinionsAboutAJ Why the fuck does she own so many cars? She’s going on about saving for their tiny dream trailer,… https://t.co/Zz9f3KpSYy
RT @lanceandkeith: rt to be in a voltron season 7 gc - TALK ABOUT SHIRO AND ADAM!! - a tiny bit selective uwu -the blue and red boyfri… https://t.co/3jhvrY1lpT
RT @DigitalTrends: DARPA’s latest endeavor is a tiny robotics challenge called the SHRIMP #olympics https://t.co/S0CS8E4dHh
@SubwayCreatures Oh, like you've never filled your pockets with tiny donuts on the subway.
(二時頃)本当は受話器の隣 深い寝息をたてているバニラのにおいがするtinyな女の子がいたなんて #aiko
RT @thefortuneblack: mad how undercover Garda can jam youngfellas with a tiny baggie but can’t stop openly obvious sexual assaults at festivals 🤷🏻‍♂️
RT @haylor: Camila is so good live and is like a tiny little fairy
RT @RF_P0TUS: donald with Melanie, Iwanka and Karen McDougal. Notice which ass receives the tiny hand. https://t.co/4dvamfDqfu
Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures 18k White Gold Diamond Baby Cross Pendant Necklace (1/10cttw, G-H Color, SI1 Clarity),… https://t.co/720JFjNWzU
Where's the metal? I need something to keep me awake this morning.
RT @DancesWithTamis: I wish a shark would bite me but like a tiny little bite so I could be like “I was bitten by a shark” and get a shitload of attention
RT @bessbell: If my husband turned into a lizard I would get a very nice terrarium and I'd sit with him and feed him tiny bits of… https://t.co/c4GkMGeFxK
the kat carter nude young artistic nude lick women pussy ilove my sex alexia porn tiny porn vid barbara https://t.co/c9wPI2e2vY
RT @stxrryjeon: Jungkook is literally 1.78m tall and super muscular that he could crush me but sometimes he just looks ᵗⁱⁿʸ uwu https://t.co/OmpAY88Mwu
Kimberley Strassel: John Brennan, Obama's CIA director, admits egging on the FBI's probe of Trump and Russia. https://t.co/DXXN73qqlR
Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder cause ion know what tf T.I see in Tiny ...
@tiny_secret01 시험 언제 다 끝나십니까ㅜㅜ 울 린님 이러다 반쪽되겠어ㅜㅜ 오늘도 시험만 끝나면 푹 쉬셔야해요!!
RT @ILSANB0I: look the tiny clip on his hair and his adorable facial expressions https://t.co/PAkXDQCdHS
RT @EverythingTaj: That’s why I’ll never understand why ppl think “skinny shaming” isn’t a thing. The amount of times I got told I nee… https://t.co/gQVe8aqbCZ
RT @ohmyjihun: “WARNING: TINKS ARE TINY AND CUTE MUST HANDLE WITH CARE” heejun: no problem https://t.co/ZFRCSxE8lE
@sarah_sxlxp @DrPanMD Tiny little children are overloaded with what you say is healthy SCIENCE
@Gavin_McInnes @henryrollins He didn't say it was only luck but yeah, it seems a tiny bit disingenuous to call it luck.
RT @Animoose: A tiny break from my break to post a quick fanart of SheRa! #SheRa alright back to my break! https://t.co/G85MkwO7vS