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Look at the heel on your Timbs.
RT @HistoryToLearn: A 1948 Norman Timbs Special. https://t.co/fhMZXxKtXl
In a QBR and cannot focus because all I can think about is opening up my new Timbs when I get home
Timbs and a hoodie weather realllllll soon.
A nigga who ties his timbs tight is no friend of mine.
updated my wishlist: -black timbs -normal timbs -no more student loans
RT @GrandeMarshall: "Wow! Look at all these Timbs marked under retail down here!" https://t.co/bsc0cUW47G
I think imma get some timbs so I don't get made fun of for my boot cut pants.
Red timbs?👀👀
Time to start racking up on timbs & uggs
RT @larcenous: deadass b throw one more soda can down here imma snatch you out them timbs my guy https://t.co/68rEmN1fvr
@_BelaBelia Can I bring my timbs out yet or not quite?
Did not see one pair of Timbs in that Bkchat NYC trailer
@totalBarca This uefa are dumb with this selection
I need get me some timbs...
The sickest timbs to ever walk the state of KY
RT @asvpxmelo: One of the funniest episodes when @MarlonWayans , had the very rare green timbs on n silk du-rag.. https://t.co/X8fpXtxgcv
CHEAP too!! IDGAF bout this shit no moe... ill trade for timbs or ralph lauren shiiit
RT @SEDataCenters: "Schneider is @AnimalLogic's partner in animating movies." — Alex Timbs #InnovationAtEveryLevel… https://t.co/YS9R9Hvmjc
Timbs on beef and broccoli how you want beef but you ain't got no broccoli 🤷🏾‍♀️
Have you heard ‘Starter Jacket & Timbs [Produced By M!ke Anthony]’ by RyanVason1 on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/5uDS63Is2T
Beat James Ass With His timbs , Picked Major Up & Woke Him Up
@peterzaustin hahahah screw fix is the store and cos timbs are originally just work boots