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RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/5CkSnldqxN
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/5CkSnldqxN
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/8VAta3dTDn
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/8VAta3dTDn
RT @bluelyzzle: 4 minutes - c'est là que j'ai commencé à vrmt respecter timbaland + je shippai grave madonna et justin mdrr https://t.co/vTOCyTfmPM
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/EMdjV4I6Re
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/EMdjV4I6Re
@justajust I check out at Timbaland convos 😷
The day @britneyspears will want to collab with Pussified, he would be like it lol 😂 @jtimberlake @Timbaland https://t.co/Eeg6nqrwcq
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/VbkeJE55ab
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/VbkeJE55ab
@Al_Peeair Ms New Booty used to set it off. Deliverance is one of Timbaland's best works.
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/4kyKpna8Bw
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/4kyKpna8Bw
hdhshs on reconnait vraiment les sons en feat avc timbaland quand même https://t.co/PGjtMvuwVj
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/jocifKy2qM
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/jocifKy2qM
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/y9YYZNwyKx
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/y9YYZNwyKx
RT @TheLaunchMag: Today in 1996 Aaliyah "If Your Girl Only Knew" is the #1 R&B single in the country written by @MissyElliott Timbala… https://t.co/jN6i6xRoL6
RT @bluelyzzle: on oublie trop vite que timbaland a fait un feat avec mpokora https://t.co/sMXou59s3Z
RT @akimconcept: @NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/uyWndTT4Mi
@NoiseyMusic @MissyElliott @lafouine78 @jul @AkhenatonIAM @kimberlygoins8 @1979theGame @MsLaurynHill @Akon… https://t.co/uyWndTT4Mi
RT @RapUp: Sam Smith drops his Timbaland-produced single "Pray." Listen: https://t.co/00h4Od2W2F https://t.co/ADowk2WLjQ