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They're opening my Tim Hortons like 0.2 miles from my apartment and I'm so excited 😆😆
こっち本当皆Tim Hortonsのカップ常備してる
ラストTim Hortons! てか毎日来てるな〜笑 https://t.co/8AC71TlAJM
Shoutout to the guy at tim hortons for the free donut 🙌🏼
i can't believe margie has never had tim hortons
When you go to Tim Hortons for a peppermint tea only to realize once you're home that they gave you orange pekoe with a shot of peppermint 😒
I don't know if Tim Hortons spiked my coffee with anything but damn I'm buzzing
A $100 Tim Hortons gift card | Contest website | December 8, 2016 | Wannawin.ca https://t.co/e4ILmOw308
RT @weeatmath: Breakfast club is at Tim Hortons in the morning!!
@GlobalNational expresing shock that latte sipping Liberal energy policies are adversely affecting the Tim Hortons crowd #facepalm
News That Matters: The first Tim Horton's didn't serve donuts https://t.co/rCwboLXX0a https://t.co/0e27xPqTNK
Peppermint hot chocolate from Tim Hortons 😍
I'm going to stop by a tim hortons tmm for ina😌
@MaddieGuider does Tim Hortons count? 😂😂😂 https://t.co/9HBaHo2wUf
RT @shannoneldridg6: I asked Tim Hortons to cut my sandwich in half and this is what I got https://t.co/v0WGmilcMN
Breakfast club is at Tim Hortons in the morning!!
Feels like I'm in a dream.... feel so happy ..... and rn im at tim hortons though.. for some reason people talking feels tickling😂 #tipsy
I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album "U.S. ROAD TRIP Day 25 TIM HORTONS Grand Island New York May 17" https://t.co/icb3MXO3Qj
RT @arundeepyeg: @Alo55Alo @ALSAWEB .We have triple liquor stores as Tim Hortons in capital region (300+ vs ~100). We're served just… https://t.co/gbPnI00VBz
RT @stjohnsbrier: Have a look at our promo bid video to bring the 2017 Tim Hortons Brier to St. John's https://t.co/eKt4tNNkrC @CurlingCanada @DestinationSJ
News That Matters: The first Tim Horton's didn't serve donuts https://t.co/t7RyML0ebM https://t.co/yBsRaw7fzi
RT @alyssakelleher7: The fact that my mom found a full tim hortons bagel with cream cheese under my bed https://t.co/1yipO7KLbW
It would have been quicker to drive to Tim Hortons than go to the one on campus.....
RT @KingstonRegion: Napanee OPP seeking information regarding vehicle stolen from in front of Tim Hortons https://t.co/c6VpuAKsbv https://t.co/LbibJ5zG7X