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RT @Jermaine_ManUtd: Thugnificent - Fuck Grandad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thugnificent - Fuck Grandad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Rhesa: *talking to my dog* Fatty fatty! Me: Stop that Rhesa: Plus size ! Plus size!
RT @KingSaash: Lecturers: this is how u pedal Tutorials: Now try without stabilizers Exam: You have two hours, win Tour de France.
RT @lukeyism: Bajan man: this lady is so beautiful and dressed so nicely. Bajan man to Bajan man: Scream at her and tell her sh…
@IceDJsmith definitely no thugnificent's
why chief keef lookin like thugnificent
RT @BigLondon_: When you miss class and coach makes you play JV that week
My apologies thugnificent. I'll never question you again.
RT @esuCSI: Meet Ethan- Our Involvement Consultant of the Week. He is a sophomore, Physical Education major. Stop by the CSI, a…
Thugnificent funny as hell talm bout sum " how much u need.... 2 billion? Im giving u 8 and don't pay me back nigga u good" 😂😂
" If you can't sit down and hope you just a lazy ass mf " - Thugnificent
RT @araslanian_: "Can I go out?" My mom: I need names, numbers, addresses, socials, license plates, YOU NAAAAAME IT!
RT @_leanneabby: Ready for November to be over.
RT @spiritbomb: y'all s/o does get and talk out y'all business ? oh. well , we definitely ain't cousins cause i can't relate
RT @SxmplyNK: Abort abort abort. We've been compromised.
RT @ShaunKing: Police arrest a man Surround him Get him on the ground THEN allow the dog to bite all over him THEN they beat him b…
RT @spiritbomb: when the tutor says to study everything for the test instead of just telling you the specific topics
RT @theLivinCartoon: Thugnificent need to call 911 #Empire
RT @theLivinCartoon: Thugnificent need to call 911 #Empire