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Sleeping comfortably is always a challenge
I've gotten up twice already
RT @WSHHFANS: Josh Dobbs may have the best highlight tape of any QB in the country 😳πŸ”₯βšͺοΈπŸ”Ά
Fear is almost forgetting to set your alarm clock.
that song dope song by thugnificent from the boondocks
RT @SimplyRisque: Girl: Chris Brown pulled a gun on me Police: we need evidence, besides you were trespassing Girl: I'm white Police:
RT @MoneyMakers_Ent: Here is the part of Colin kaepernick's speech the media didn't show you. #colinkaepernick
RT @OMG_ItsKhairy: White woman: OMG CHRIS BROWN JUST PULLED A GUN ON ME TMZ: mam this is TMZ, not the police White Woman: I know
The Hills Have Eyes in that pussy
@EmmCeeEmm Thugnificent killed that track
Just because you have an attitude doesn't mean you can talk to my crazy. Save it for someone who actually likes you πŸ™„
It's a few of you who are about to learn what life is like without me ✌🏿️
He sound jus like thugnificent.
RT @ChicagoBears: Fox on rookie RB @JHowardx24: "He's done something to catch my eye every game."
RT @DawsonMReid: young thug is the real life version of thugnificent from the boondocks
This slut bucket has been in the shower over 30 minutes and now I have to go to the lobby to pee πŸ™„
My timetable look like bare cunt 😩
RT @theshrillest: me: XY and Z twitter dude: A is stupid me: didn't say anything about A twitter dude: ahh I see you are uninterested in productive dialogue
RT @KatiePattrick5: Is it Thursday yet? 🐝🏈 #PackWelch
RT @Carter_Shade: did you just accidentally imply that maybe it's EASIER to be a white person? ...cause it is?
Like grandad from the boondocks in the thugnificent episode πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€