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It's 50F in #Seattle with rain in the area & winds at SE4.7mph
[13:30] Temp: 20.0°C (H 20.0°C / L 6.1°C) | Baro: 1013.0 hpa (Falling) | Hum: 75% | Wind: 0.4 km/h NNE0 | Rain: 0.0 mm
RT @EMAJeffCoAL: Severe thunderstorm warning for Jefferson County until 8. Hail, frequent lightning, wind and heavy rain. #alwx
Carrying a heavy anchor on my back, I utter a tiny little prayer. And just as though it were a sign, the rain began to fall
Wind 6,4 km/h E. Barometer 995,9 hPa, Rising slowly. Temperature 15,0 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 56%
"It rains frequently. I hate the rain."
@TannerrBarbour pitter patter of rain and the sound of thunder rolling in the distance. what a great day, not much is better than this tbh.
#PlayingNow:on TDKRADIO Rain From The Sky by Al Campbell LISTEN on: thanks for your continuo…
Wind 3.7 mph ESE. Barometer 1019.54 hPa, Steady. Temperature 10.3 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 84%
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Wind 0.0 mph ---. Barometer 29.360 in, Steady. Temperature 70.2 °F. Rain today 0.00 in. Humidity 81%
RT @kristinaaa_17: Love storms... love the rain ⛈
Purple Rain Drop! Smorgasburg Is Serving Up Rain Drop Cake via
Monday 6:30 PM Temp: 9.7C Feels Like: 10 Baro: 1007.2hPa Wind From: WSW at 0.4kmh Rain today: 0.0mm
00:30 UTC: Temp: 6.9°C, Wind: E, 0 mph (ave), 2 mph (gust), Humidity: 84%, Rain (hourly) 0.0 mm, Pressure: 1020 hPa, falling slowly
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@harukannuncnc ニートうらやま。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。笑
Wind 24.3 km/h NE. Barometer 1022.1 hPa, Rising slowly. Temperature 19.6 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 59%
Wind 0.0 mph N. Barometer 1019.0 mb, Falling slowly. Temperature 2.4 °C. Rain today 0.0mm. Humidity 98%
@shehitslike rain im gonna tell you this: the thing isnt worth an 8 hour drive its only worth stopping by on tje way to something else
Bear Ridge Weather at 8:30 PM 47.6°F 94% Pool Temp 212°F Wind 3.6 mph SSW Gust 19.6 mph Rain 0.10 in. Rate 0.00 in/…
Wind: Now 0 Gust 2 mph Temp: Now 6.6 Min 6.6 Max 7.8 °C Rain: Now 0.0 Total 0.0 mm Baro: 1012.2 hPa Falling slowly Hum: 87% #Farnboroug
00:30:07 Temp 4.78c (40.6f) Humidity 99% UV 0 Rain 0.00mm Wind speed 0.0mph gusting to 0.0mph Pressure 1021.00 #gmcweather
RT @World: Orangutan covering himself from the rain.
@scallliewagg you fought the rain away, honey