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"ooh this is a classic song." -my mother as she proceeds to play the thong song.
RT @susannaandren: Kan inte sluta höra ”Sisqo” och börja nynna på Thong Song varje gång Sisto nämns.
@danconnolly2016 @bravesorganist If Chance Sisco ever bats at STP I hope "Thong Song" translates to the organ pretty well
It's like singing r&b thong song awwww
Day 17 Song I can sing perfect Thong Song x Sisqo (I won a talent show performing this )
The first episode I ever saw of Glee was the one where Mr. Schuester was singing The Thong Song to Ms. Pilsbury whi…
"시스코에서 한 라이브가 최고인 것 같아. Thong Song만 좋은게 아니더라고."
@Djj_one27 m pa gen prob avew men eske thong song se te r&b
ou te konn danse sisqo nan thong song byen prop
I liked a @YouTube video Sisqo - Thong Song
RT @jackbern23: [to the tune of The Thong Song bridge] Tripped in the box, box box Striker took a knock, knock knock Play gotta st…
# écouté sur BDCone Sisqo - Thong Song Thong Song Sisqo
RT @thisisjhyve: I cry to the thong song
RT @dougbies: Booty had me like I changed my ringtone for you to the thong song
@Lord_Mo not to be confused with the guy who did the Thong Song, but CERTAINLY to be confused with
#NowPlaying Sisqo - Thong Song (Radio Edit)
I cry to the thong song
My neighbors have the thong song on blast
We’ve also had hoobastank, we now have Sisqo with thong song and we have Chumbawamba with Tubthumping
thong song by rafiek gomes aka smiles via @YouTube
She used to be a ballerina now she performs to the thong song