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RT @DeeNigerian_: If you're calling Nigerian men trash okay. Say they're trash - cheaters, users, abusers. What does that have to do w/ being stinky or dirty?
RT @daveskoster: Okay, only got in 1600 words this morning. I need to move FASTER these three books aren't going to write themselves!
okay i'm about to take a hot bath. i need it.
RT @chylersglock: no no no this can't happen ok alex is with Maggie okay okay pls don't let this hAPPEN SKFNDMDMF
RT @HoshiTokki: Okay maybe Jihoon can be King Arthur?
@slowandcrystal Okay...1987 -1988 (HappyMondsys).
Chuck Bass is fine af, Idc
okay gilak bila nya padah " sikpa kelak belaja sama " hahaahaha mashaAllah sistur
Okay... but Dear Theodosia is my favorite song because it's just DJDBDJ
Oh okay well hmu if you wanna chill
RT @dekillsage: Okay Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is cool and all, but when's Marvel vs Capcom 4?
@GildingToxic Okay, just saw that. Since when is hair pulling a race thing? Don't we all do that?
RT @larrymybabiesx: “hey bud, you’ve got to carry on my legacy now,okay?" I'M
"be sure to drink plenty of fluids when you're sick" okay hot cocoa by the gallon got it thanks doc
RT @maichardxxiv: A: Okay yun? M: Mas magaling kana sakin A: Eh idol kita eh. I KENNAT 😭❤ #ALDUBTampuhangMaglola
RT @Rt_YourFavBands: My Chemical Romance "I'm Not okay "
RT @virgo9853: #Virgos will suffer in silence while giving you the impression that everything's okay.
@RobertIDK okay I'm gonna be completely honest when i saw you liked my tweet i started to cry and slapped myself wow i'm weird
RT @truthsIapped: here I am again, pretending that everything is fine, that everything is okay.
okay time to play the event and then go to sleep see you on the other side guys