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SO CUTE: Two Travel Geeks Get Married On A Cathay Dragon Flight! via One Mile at a Time - Okay, ...
@RichVos Rip them and quote their tweet so we can follow your lead... or.. we agree with them. Okay maybe just block them.
RT @whoopsydazey: "Just don't have sex" "Using a condom is okay but not birth control" "Girls abuse birth control by getting it to ha…
já chega de Hitler okay? okay.
it should always be okay for your girlfriend/boyfriend to go out on there own 💅🏻
RT @notjeydon: men, it's okay to cry women, it's okay to fuck bitches n get money
@AnimeMaru @NinjaMushiMarv Hope Goofy's okay. Heard he entered this contest
RT @Toddiesmix: @TheeTedSmith @MilesKISW @BJShea I'm a yell "Everybody listen up. Go to Support everything they tell you to, okay?"
RT @pIedisdino: im rlly the only person on this whole tl who likes pineapple on pizza okay 🙄
Okay. I'm over this history class
Forsythe for De Leon? Hmm okay. Well we did something! Let's hope this works out now! Got our 2nd baseman
RT @shawnsmusical: i honestly just wanna know if shawn is okay like is he alive? is he feeling well? did something happen?
RT @ASITISofficial: Stream As It Is' album 'okay.' on @Spotify featuring “Soap"!
@yourhighness_0x okay what you gone cook?
star wars titles are basically my life when i think hope is rising and things r gonna be okay there's this storm co…
RT @IAMKPSmith: @davidaxelrod @PressSec u done sold your soul too? It's okay "we the people" going to take it from here y'all ALL sell outs.
RT @Ollee64: Remember everyone, it's okay to not be okay.
RT @2121Savage: Stunt on anyone who didn't see potential in you
Okay but if they start hanging out again I'm gonna flop so hard cause of this tweet lmao
RT @shoe0nhead: being okay with assaulting someone for their retarded beliefs is a dangerous precedent since "retarded beliefs" is subjective to everyone.
first day of track was okay