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@CherlizSCohen okay so in late but u are flawless.
RT @Lucaspeebo: You know you love someone when you start putting more efforts, time and energy on that one particular person. And you are okay with that.
RT @jeon970: hoseoks “i’m sorry” and jins “that’s okay” are the cutest things i’ve ever heard someone say
RT @beautyybird: Nothing in life comes easy so sometimes it’s okay to cry and scream...but then right after breathe, hold your head high and keep pushing 👊🏼
I’ve been seeing a lot about @realDonaldTrump golfing habits. I’m okay with it. Think of how screwed we’d be if he worked everyday!
RT @OfficialKayB_: It’s okay not to want something you worked so hard on, to walk away from the one you once loved, from someone that meant the world to you.
Okay then... Simmons doesn't have as good as a career as the greatest player ever omg that would suck.
@beatingfate Okay yay :) we’ll talk xx
thoughts on grey so far. -not grey — okay this is adorable :( grey is a sweet guy!! and ...
RT @JoeThe5how: Okay now I've seen twins before and shit but y'all look like some damn clones.
RT @sadlovesquote: are you okay?
RT @comedyandtruth: me: stop crying about my driving. did you die? okay. sensitive asses my driving:
RT @savannahseymour: it's not okay to grope men either, its not different and yall are disgusting if you think men can't be victims of sexual assault too
RT @sadmulatto: okay i don’t want a relationship, but consistently getting my back broke and being taken out to eat every once and a while sounds amazing,
RT @AmandaCerny: It’s okay to be happy 🌈
Nakita ko lahat nung signs sakin pero mukang okay naman ako
@pompadare @TRANSHIDAN what you can or can't do and whether or not you unfollow on the basis of me being okay with…
RT @blurredshits: i'm fine, i'm okay
RT @heartbreak: please remember that it's okay to miss someone or even just the idea of them and not want them back in your life
@theillisstt1 Ouh okay I will 🤗
RT @jeon970: hoseoks “i’m sorry” and jins “that’s okay” are the cutest things i’ve ever heard someone say
RT @_CHINKY_EYEZ_: It's okay got moniece and masika to fight but zell can't do shit 😒🙄 #LHHHReunion
Okay. Naaawa ako kay Ma'am. Naiiyak na sya pero tumatawa pa rin sya. : (
@sebtsb Okay :'(