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I really hope Lebron is okay
Knowing my best friend is nothing close to okay and I'm so far away makes me cry actual tears 😔😔
i love you doug, i hope he's okay :(
RT @_silviatavares: I'll be okay eventually & thats the only thing holding me together
@_TayBae__ oh okay, then you straight lol carry on
RT @BradyTrett: Class act from the Red Wings. After scoring OT winner, they're all waiting on the ice to make sure Eddie Lack is ok…
Okay a 50% pullback off a premarket spike signals a possible red-to-green breakout pattern setup. There's still hop…
RT @quenblackwell: random: are you okay me, a teenager failing to find peace in this nasty trifling world:
hope eddie lack's okay that collision looked rough :c
RT @Iotteyanson: Hope I'm not late to the party, using oldish pics because they were just too good | Okay to retweet…
RT @fazley13: Okay twitter dah boleh mute words dekat TL.
okay, so bioware's new IP is allegedly coming out by march 2018 which means we should probably hear more about it soonish? maybe June's E3?
@Arzaylea and it really pisses me off because these kids get made of by teachers and the other kids see and think it's okay because the
okay nvm it's never too late for anything but I'll get yelled at for running the water lololol
RT @WeLoveSPN: Okay but the way Jensen leans his head down on Jared’s 💗
@Plushydog That's okay i was edgy anime at one point✨✌🏽
RT @riitranslates: idly remembers the five day maintenance before pirate fes where it was like "OKAY GAME'S BACK HERE'S THE PREVIEWS ONE HOUR TO START NOW GO!"
RT @Judgment: do you ever lay in bed and realize how not okay you are
okay nevermind ;~:
RT @MorganJae7: "Stop having sex without me" Okay do you want me to have sex WITH you¿? 😶 ". No just stop having sex when I'm not getting any, rude"
look bitch i was being emo for mcr i dont want to get emo cause im a piece of shit okay