Things That Suck.

@_NorthernWhale that song sucks you guys suck
Being an Insomniac sucks 😩😩
S: you know like hes on twitter, that sucks, that develops overtime
RT @jacklyntoni: starting to think of other things I can do with my life instead of getting my degree cause rn being a college student sucks ass
It honestly sucks not giving a fuck about anything ever
I can't sleep, this sucks 😩
If the mind Can concieve it You will achieve it Okey BECAUSE NORMAL SUCKS
@Lin_Manuel again with the time zone thing. It's 4am in Florida go to bed! (Feel better also- sickness sucks)
RT @MansaSharif: It sucks that he clearly needs help but people are exploiting him for views and laughs
@uber_kenya new app sucks, 2 cancelled rides plus your drivers can't even navigate it!
I wish that no one experiences sleep paralysis. That shit sucks. Trust me
RT @asamxi: it sucks going from being someone's everything to someone's second choice
@noWeekend I guess it just sucks that someone that awful has so much influence. And also that he's President. That also sucks.
Great; another sleepless night... I thought I was beyond that now, seems not. Destructoid destroyed me. Sometimes it sucks being a #gamedev.
That really sucks. 超さいあく。。
RT @nauticv_: It sucks when u only wanna fw one person but can't have them 😊
@cliffosguitar aww get better soon that sucks :(
Giraffes are facing #extinction? This news sucks. But we can all help...
@SpoonyKarrie DYING EVEN this new phone fucking sucks
RT @xanria_00018: I don’t mind going to work but that 8 hour wait to go home really sucks. #ALDUB73rdWeeksary @jophie30 @asn585
People tweeting uni life sucks Bhai mat jaya kro
RT @depths: anxiety fucking sucks. you unintentionally make yourself sad, you feel alone even when you're not & sometimes you dont even know whats wrong