Things That Suck.

It sucks knowing you don't give two shits about me
I need new tires. Life sucks. Might as well get new wheels too...hmm 🤔
RT @explicithooker: anxiety really sucks.. i unintentionally make myself sad, i feel alone even when im not and sometimes i dont even know whats wrong
Someone rear ended a cop on National. I'm sorry but that is so embarrassing and terrible. Their day sucks
RT @jkkonkle: Finals week sucks. Retweet if you agree.
eu tenho um nível demasiado baixo de concentração tbh it sucks
@ProfSmithe idk why people love it so much it sucks it's terrible software
RT @DrawPlayDave: Me: "Oh hey, they put that unnecessary live action Jungle Book movie on Netflix" Me, 15 minutes later: "This kid sucks at acting"
RT @JardineJenessa: well today already sucks and it's not even 10 o'clock
RT @Sophie_FosterXx: I wish I didn't do it but I do and it sucks, constantly feel down or not good enough about how I look/dress/talk etc 😔
RT @_dayanaaax3: realizing something you don't want to really sucks .
They come out to about 238 which sucks cause even if I wanted too I would be in Cali 😞 every year this happens ugh
diff timing sucks,
@MMAFighting @guicruzzz sucks that she's blaming every1 but herself for the wt cut. It's her choice. No1 else's.
@huutransuperman that sucks :( we had to go to cheaper alternative. Sorry for the inconvenience
#verizonwireless sucks. I returned the iPhone7 on Nov 23.Also paid the $70 restock fee. The acct stll shows that l owe them $660 over 24 mo.
RT @Cholo_RayRay: everything's been going downhill for me & it sucks od
RT @invalid: 2016 sucks but at least the music’s good
RT @JardineJenessa: well today already sucks and it's not even 10 o'clock
Mimi sucks at connect 4 😂
@NiallOfficial just leave all those sucks behind youre awesome and always be 😘
RT @Hay_Hayden: Everybody sucks Jabrill Peppers and I just don't get the hype... Like he's a good player, but people act like he's a god
@DPick_FOE I'm sorry 😢. Arthritis sucks. Let's find a cure?