Things That Suck.

@SoftandBetter I totally understand what you're feeling. So am I. Since they began trimming down fan interaction se…
Bus boredom. This sucks so much traffic cuz the very small ammount of water falling from the sky.. #socaldriverstho
Falling Uair Fthrow bairlock RAR falling Uair FH Bair falling Uair rising Uair 62% true on Bayo But yea Roy sucks right? Stay asleep 😴
Morning dramas sucks! 😔
#LaNación Netflix apuesta otra vez a la nostalgia con Everything sucks!
@Delta @FortuneMagazine Delta sucks - delta delay baggage claim web page is a disaster
Bad authority discourages, cripples, wilts, sucks dry, dehumanizes, snuffs out, annihilates. It uses, doesn’t give.
It sucks talking so highly about someone and they just fuck it up. Every. Single. Time.
@StellaxATL I’m sure that isn’t true! (But I haven’t seen your work or anyone’s work lately so I can’t give specifi…
@_AintItJalen Being a grown up sucks lol
How do you start a conversation with someone you know it's not possible ... shit sucks
RT @BeyondBrokenDep: it sucks, doesn't it? Feeling like you're not good enough, no matter how hard you try.
living on your own and having nice things is nice but paying for said things sucks
@__dopestlove Girl my whole life story smh like my skin literally sucks up baby oil and I stil end up dry 🤦🏿‍♀️💀
Society has always seen heavier and louder girls as a problem or predators if we want to be technical. It sucks but…
RT @The_Luisito41: Sucks working outside in this type of weather 😭
miss my gf already shit sucks
I don’t even really know what my point is other than our government fucking sucks and I’m tired of poor people suffering because of it.
@GinaUrso I was sick all the time growing up until I went to college. Then got deathly ill whenever I visited a fri…
막힐 시간 아닌데 연착되는 버스는 타보면 납득이 된다. .마을버스니 망정이지