Things That Suck.

RT @ItsHimOla: Some friendships are so toxic, it sucks and drains you. Leave any friendship that drains you. Friendship isn't by force!!!
i actually want to wake up tomorrow living it doesn't sucks that much
@LexiBrit_ Welcome to Georgia. The weather here sucks so always have a hoodie witcha.
@RinaldoZac Dude, your grammar sucks ass
RT @ash_hildebrand: It sucks having so much on your mind that you don’t know what to even think anymore
Omg Roco sucks so bad
It sucks when you find a woman you're really interested in and then you find out that she plays for the other team. #TheDateDoctor
@Boston__Sucks They’re shooting the lights out and still losing. Good sign for us. It won’t continue all series
Some times you just can't stop thinking about something no matter how long ago it happened, or how hard you try to forget about. It sucks
@longlivekcx I know it doesn't feel fair and it's not. Life is hard and it sucks and it's devastating and wonderful…
@jaeger_bb The good will always out way the toxic. Yeah it sucks there are people like that but you can’t change pe…
RT @Garrett_Watts: Imagine a bee in a little tiny ghost costume
RT @GhostFaceTweets: It sucks that #HHN won’t have Bill&Ted this year, with everything that’s happened so far, the show could be hilarious.
jk apparently they dont have drivers at 9:30 pizzahut sucks
Being an adult SUCKS
@ayyookidray42 @Ravens Truuuuuu sucks that I’m in the bay or else I would go to hella games
RT @_jasminezhane: Being an adult highkey sucks
RT @DailyYeats: "I hate reasonable people, the activity of their brains sucks up all the blood out of their hearts."
RT @jeda121: Super selfish thing here but I stg there is nothing more entertaining than my TL when Arrow sucks ass lolll
@sixers God Covington sucks
RT @humanstrawberry: actually sandals on everyone sucks a lot let’s get some close toed shoes goin amirite