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@TalatHussain12 Any big chaww can be expected from thia joker....
@MowMasters We Love you Mow Master! Give 'em da finga!👑🖕
@NjcdVWdcCbwY5ui (っ˘ω˘c )スヤッ( ˘꒳˘ )スヤッ(っ˘ڡ˘ς)スヤッ← いいよ!!!!!!!!✨
あっっっまつりちゃんの誕生日やんけ!! 絵描けるかな…お誕生日おめでとうっ!!!!!🎂🎉🎊🎉🎊←
@palestine_bs @thia_bfagih never forget that Jesus was a Palestinian too
@thia_dooru_0110 ( ˘ω˘ )スヤァ… ( ˘ω゜)… ( ˘ω˘ )スヤァ… いいんだ?!?!←
RT @palestine_bs: #قروب_فلسطيني Whoever kills Christ will not care about the rest of mankind The crimes of the Zionists will not sto…
RT @natsuiromatsuri: みんな。いつもありがとう。 まつりにとって本当に最高の誕生日だ!!!
@NjcdVWdcCbwY5ui ね…寝てる…( ˇωˇ )!? わぁ!いいね!!((
@thia_dooru_0110 …三(卍 ˘ω˘))卍スヤァゥルルルル いっその事夢占語拡大するかもう1つの東方の出してみるか……(((違うそうじゃない
@Thia_Sparks Why are you subbing yourself na
So gorgeous 😍😊 An inspiration 😍😍 @thia_thomalla
RT @rk70534: @SoniaKatiMota Hassan Manasra was 15 y/o when he was killed by Israel's occupation forces in East Jerusalem:
@FeatSummer モロキュー以外好き。冷奴食べたい、、、 もうダイエット成功じゃない?
@ani_nomso #nffcsocialimpactfund because I'll be going to camp on Tuesday and I hear its a tough life.
Because me I'm just tired of this rubbish. Be looking homeless. I'm looking at the picture on my NYSC reg, and I'm looking like a refugee.
RT @holassenna: When you ask a Best Buy employee for anything other an HDMI cable.
@NjcdVWdcCbwY5ui 三└(┐卍^o^)卍ドゥルルルル← あっ無理しなくていいからね!!
@tyenji バニラムースです!
@thia_dooru_0110 うわっやべえ三(; ^ω^) えー…うーん…なんだろう…