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RT @alexikulhanek: Texas has mixed emotions about temperures.
Making Theriot/Fontenot jokes in bed is the foundation of a strong relationship.
RT @JosephBirlem: Vlog comin atcha on my main YouTube channel tomorrow 4 Pacific Standard Time❤️ 100k subscribers on YouTube and ill do something special👀
@theriot_rhi I love you my baby♥️♥️
4 Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty
RT @JosephBirlem: RT last tweet for a DM and a follow! Have some surprising news when we hit 100k on YouTube. So get your friends to subscribe:)
RT @DavidPJablonski: Quick game story: @DaytonMBB rout St. Bonaventure to improve to 11-3
RT @_adiek_: 🎶 Favorite songs on the radio on my special day. Love the playlist @ricorobles @karlaagarcia_ @RX931. 😊❤ #TheRiot
🎶 Favorite songs on the radio on my special day. Love the playlist @ricorobles @karlaagarcia_ @RX931. 😊❤ #TheRiot
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Blue Jackets have won 16 straight games over the last 36 days. It took the Cleveland Browns 1,477 days to win their last 16 games
RT @claykleinpeter1: This girl means the world to me. She puts up with me 24/7 and no matter what she sticks by my side. I thank you for…
RT @DaytonMBB: Dayton leads by 14 after back-to-back 3's by Scoochie Smith! UD up 72-58. Smith now has 13 points.
RT @Polygon: Iranian censors fear the game promotes violence and tribal behavior.
Keep it 1hunnit with me
RT @teenagernotes: me n my friends pay for each other's meals n other things without expecting money back lol that's how it should be
RT @SportsBoyTony: I don't know if "The Wall" changes lives so much as it changes channels (at least in my case)
RT @VeniceMase: Ted Miller re-ranks the teams in college football. #1 Alabama, #2 Clemson, #3 USC. Hard to disagree.
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@hunter_theriot @LoganMulligan I guess it didn't happen then...