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RT @RobertGehrke: UHP estimates there were 6,000 people at the women's rally at the Capitol. They've never seen anything that size. Neither have I. #utpol
PSA there's a dog on a leash running around on E Williams Rd in Surgoinsville if anyone lost their doggo
Me sleeping knowing that there's a less than 50% chance I die in my sleep
RT @KahWalla: There's an idea! May solve unemployment problem which is 1 key reason we're in this mess. Wait where's commission t…
I'm glad that's over with though. I think there's just 1 level remaining, so the last couple videos of this playthrough will be this week
RT @tealtan: Meanwhile, there’s still lead in Flint’s drinking water.
I genuinely feel for her. There's classic abuse behavior here.
RT @everlasting506: Everyone was trying to portray a cool image but there's our little boy there smiling so sweetly & cutely ^ㅅ^ 😂😂😂😂
Kind of really sick of the political posts everywhere. Trump IS your president for the next 4 years and there's nothing you can do about it.
When you ask if there okay!! And it's straight sass back... okay🖕🏾
RT @Iilherbo: there's two types of trust: iMessage nudes. 3 second snapchat nudes. 😂
RT @MedianPolitics: There are women Celebrities who march and spew nonsense and there are women like President Trump's pick for Sec.of…
RT @ifernweh: There's always a person that you hate for no reason. มันมักจะมีคนที่คุณเกลียดโดยไม่มีเหตุผลเสมอ.
@jaketapper There’s evidence that there was no fraud: the certification of the vote by CA officials. Yet Trump insi…
If you felt threatened instead of inspired by the protests on the weekend it's only gonna get worse for you out there.
RT @OfficialDStackz: Despite your ex, despite Trump. There's still a lot of good people in the world.
RT @Vanden25: Sitting on the bed Or lying wide awake There's demons in my head And it's more than I can take
RT @alexavega: We ❤ these @TMobile #FeeFace entries. We've all been there when it comes to outrageous bills!!! Let's see your feef…
@Sunbun @tehninini @Mitzula Is there alcohol? I'll come along if there's alcohol. I want to meet Mitzula.
RT @FIHS_GSA: Club pictures tomorrow in the gym! Our's is at 11 so make sure to be there! 💖❤️
There have been so many dogs on everyone's Snapchat stories today and I love it🐶🤗😍
RT @SpirosMargaris: Much more There’s more to banks going #digital that just disruption #fintech…
RT @SexualGif: all I have to say is, if someone doesn't make u feel loved leave. Because there's someone who's crazy about you & will adore u so much
@LauraLoomer @JackPosobiec ok, so by Pink Hair's logic, she and her sisters there support Radical Wahhabism, which funded HRC's campaign.👌