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You can relax during senior year and enjoy your life, but there's a catch. And that's Catch-22.
Mom's are the best tho! Strong and always there for you no matter what, through the good and the bad!!😊👏💙💪💯💯
@tinyviking__ I saw this! The chick was serious!! Like there are so many red flags there. It's dangerous!
Next to Picasso, there's Jesscasso! Hi people, come befriend me, I'm so artistic that I can decorate our lives with…
I'm not half the man I used to be, There's a shadow hanging over me. Oh, yesterday came suddenly. // LOL //
RT @jonfavs: Early voting in the Georgia 6th starts today - if you live there, help @ossoff take Tom Price's seat and piss off T…
RT @whitereddit: Estonian Song Festival (Laulupidu) - nationalism is beautiful and there's no future without it.
RT @MattHelgeson: I don't think there's a better feeling as a writer than coming up with a genuinely great pun headline
RT @HassanPRG: I'm so pissed bruh cause this is really why domestic violence rarely gets reported. There's nothing funny about this
RT @CarmineZozzora: Obama's own top Intel people have stated there's absolutely no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion and this shameles…
Okay so bear with me,what if Lena's ex gets killed,she finds out supergirl was there,thinks she did it,and then she goes all villainy 😱😱😱
RT @pettyblackgirI: This is why victims of abuse rarely come forward. Whenever they do y'all make jokes at their expense. There's nothi…
RT @artofwootha: If there's only two books I would keep on my shelf, these are @GurneyJourney's Imaginative Realism and Color & Light
RT @loyaIaf: there's no love like your first love
There's no worse feeling than that millisecond you're sure you are going to die after tilting your chair back too far.
@esmeha_ there's something for everyone imo
RT @jonfavs: Early voting in the Georgia 6th starts today - if you live there, help @ossoff take Tom Price's seat and piss off T…
RT @KelsSoLegit_: learn to be alone and to like it. there's nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.
RT @mannypemberton: Roses 🌹 are red violets are blue there's no other girl more beautiful than you😍
"The whole idea was that he’s [Spider-Man] been there the whole time.” says Feige about introducing Spidey to the MCU #CinemaCon2017
2. "Supporters, there's a fake news story you need to get trending so the @FBI (SAD!) get off my back!"
RT @JayCreed10: If there's one disease I'm determined to get, it's gout