The Rational God

@402Mel I seek some sense to why anyone accepts god claims. Not seen a rational reason to accept what has not been confirmed. @TakeThatLGBT
@Rational_Dave @Reid_CO you're not very rationale. When someone says stop. That means? God bless!
1, Prove your God is real or go fuck yourself delusional cunt. 2, No that was my mum & dad & I can prove it.
@Rational_Dave @cynicalculator Jesus Christ is the Soul Saver you're just wasting your god-given breath
RT @end_of_america: @shim_rational God bless Israel..protect her from all enemies
@WorldPres the logic is simple, God doesn't exist because there is no "rational" proof to his existence
@interUNFAO @shim_rational @CarolHusband @nickclark32 moses hold his head &he cried,O my God they dont want to listen,
@eddie1971nyc @Free_Palstine_ @XCleverMind @ana_frankz @shim_rational @MTCGCOM oh my god he looks horrifying I hope this child is okay
@ahmetmussa @alimshahban @shim_rational actually the Quran refers to the dome of the rock Where God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son
@shim_rational How's that working for you? Poorly judged statement (as usual). God bless Israel!
@DmMurdockErrors Rational interpretation, he either seen god or imagined he seen god, what do you think?
By avoiding giving a rational reason for belief in God, @402Mel? That's an odd tactic for Jesus. You'd think he'd want the word spreading.
@shim_rational because you both worship the god that was made up in the same place?
RT @TheRaDR: "That's the trouble with a liberal theology.. It tends to domesticate God, make everything too neat and prim and tidy and rational."
@shim_rational God bless Israel..protect her from all enemies
@PraiseHisName50 The universe is not proof of god, not in a rational world. @Sillymidoff49 @DAccampoFamily @domenictiso4 @ArtturiArtturi
RT @LibertyIsFTW: @The_Alt_Right @Captain_Smirk1 @htowngal1962 I WANT you to act like a complete tool. GOD FORBID you people sound RATIONAL.
@The_Alt_Right @Captain_Smirk1 @htowngal1962 I WANT you to act like a complete tool. GOD FORBID you people sound RATIONAL.
@jonfavs wait Trump wants to follow a rational immigration policy like most other countries?? My God
any rational halfwit would disassociate themselves from Trump - Pence must lie awake at night going "why me god?"
I can't believe there's rational men out here telling women God's intent for #marriage was #polygyny #thedevilisaliar ladies #dont 😒
@HenryBowman1776 Theists accept god claims they can't confirm. Atheists reject god claims as they cannot be confirmed. Which is rational?
@AbsorbentYeti @IsraelHatzolah God you are a sick person. Inside of you a rational person screams to get out.