The Most Beautiful Word in the World

Only four letters: LOVE, but for most people it is the most difficult word to understand. Do you know what exactly what does it mean? May be none of us can explain it definitely. We can hold it, feel it, however, we cannot use words to describe it. Only from the poem can we get a few words which remind us of what love looks like, such as Burns poem--a red, red rose. And we all take rose as the symbol of love.Yes, once I had a boyfriend who accompanied me during my college life. We walked through the campus hand in hand, talked everything happened in our university. We took picture and videos to record our happy time and edited videos on WMM to specify it, all of which now become the history. When I recall those things, I cannot help feeling sad because we broke up after graduation.Even now, we are like strangers, I would never forget the time I spent with him. I would recall it without emotion, without yearn, just like I am watching a film. I would say thanks to my boy friend for the purest affection and teaching me what love is and how to love others. Now, I am going to my new life and hope him have a beautiful life too.It is said that love begin with smile and end with tears. What I want to say is love makes you grow up, more rationality and to cherish what you own. Even sometimes it ends with tears; we should say the much more happiness than pain during the proess you love and being loved. So be brave enough to enjoy your love and tell the one you love that you love him/her. Maybe one day when you tell others these which seems foolish and nave, you will never regret to do such things it is the symbol of young and process of growth.The poem from Burse to share with you and hope every couple is a pair and enjoy your life.A red, red rose O my Luve's like a red, red roseThats newly sprung in June;O my Luve's like the melodieThats sweetly play'd in tune.As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,So deep in luve am I:And I will luve thee still, my dear,Till a the seas gang dry:Till a the seas gang dry, my dear,And the rocks melt wi the sun:I will luve thee still, my dear,While the sands o life shall run.And fare thee weel, my only LuveAnd fare thee weel, a while!And I will come again, my Luve,Tho it were ten thousand mile.Do may once own it or lose, but you would never forget it--Love, the most beautiful thing in the world. If you meet again, to cherish it please.

RT @deveynn: if our relationship ever go left. be my friend until we get back right
conclusion: relationship sucks. well, maybe it's just my bitter experiences in relationship.
RT @namaloomafraaad: Every year, Karachi throws Lahore out, feels guilty and then immediately goes running after them out of the tournament. Relationship goals
RT @thebaemarcus: Relationship Status: single but complicated lol
RT @namaloomafraaad: Every year, Karachi throws Lahore out, feels guilty and then immediately goes running after them out of the tournament. Relationship goals
RT @emilykrader: When I'm in a relationship, being spoiled isn't getting big extravagant gifts. It's letting me steal your clothes bc they smell like you
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@Boredaf111 @Gothlolachic @robronfan4life and no matter how bad things get, there is no excuse if you're invested in your relationship!
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Tbh I'm glad I'm single but then I want a relationship
RT @PrellWHO: If we in a relationship, I don't care how many people try to talk or flirt with you...but it's what u say back, that really matters.
RT @SUZIESUPREME: If my man won't let me shit on these hoes, is it really a relationship?
RT @namaloomafraaad: Every year, Karachi throws Lahore out, feels guilty and then immediately goes running after them out of the tournament. Relationship goals
RT @IamHugoRomero: Kev and Veronica from shameless are relationship goals 😜😍😈🙏🏼❤
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dating someone in the military is challenging but yet so rewarding and I'm so thankful for my relationship and my man. 💕
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