The Changing Face of IT Support and the Fresh Approach from Little Fish

Historically, internal employees would fulfil specific roles with external consultants brought in when expertise in particular areas was required. A good example is that of IT Support was historically delivered through internal dedicated personnel or a willing volunteer, with some external consultancy brought on board to provide selective guidance to deliver the service needed. In more recent times, such staff members have been seen somewhat as a luxury and more and more companies are asking their kindly volunteers to concentrate on their core tasks in order to be more productive for the greater business.The need to outsource then becomes a priority and recession focuses every purchaser of IT services to sharpen their criteria and also raise their expectation of the service that is to be delivered. Economic decline can also be a time of great potential, a time for increased creativity and investment into reviewing and refreshing the way in which a business functions in order to become a more effective and productive environment which can only encourage growth and improvements in performance.The very nature of IT Support and the manner in which the service has historically been delivered has been the motivation for Littlefish over the past six months to rise to the challenge of changing the standard for IT Support delivery.The release of the Littlefish Singlepoint portal in September 2009 will see the way in which a client experiences IT Support change dramatically; the new, unified system approach will revolutionise the way in which IT users,Management and Directors experience IT Support services in the future. By providing one portal into the Littlefish systems, a client manager will be able to view all current support issues for their company, view real-time monitoring reports about their network, access all their current and historic invoicing, statement and pay for orders online if they wish.With access to reporting tools, Littlefish Support or Support Plus clients will be able to get the best from their systems and plan for potential improvements with greater information and confidence than ever before.What has for a long time been seen as a black art or a necessary evil is now something that Littlefish are striving to make much more accessible to all and something that can be seen as a tool to empower workforces today to be the workforces of tomorrow.

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