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RT @brigode: lol ur DVR and wifi fridge are the reason the internet is broken
@brandonzwa an airbrushed t-shirt that says "Mr. Ridgewood"
RT @bbotezatu: Happy 25th birthday, #Linux! Here's your f-ing #cake, go ahead and compile it yourself.
@HalalGuys So why do you offer catering on your website?
@patrickstankard No, our carts do not cater or deliver.
@MrAlanaDigaa long term $ value of those users for music biz.
@JoeConyers Thanks for reaching out, Joe! Keep an eye out for new degrees of personalization coming out soon. We can email you more details!
@JoeConyers no I knew that I guess I was wondering as to why you were curious about the world breakdown
@MrAlanaDigaa they just announced they are now at 39MM subs.
@SigstrApp Can I pick specific marketing messages based on domain yet? This would be huge for us, different messages for different audience.
@HalalGuys is the "53rd & 6th Halal Cart" through ZeroCater you guys?
@chrisfdr Also going - enjoy your free t-shirt
Benji has put the rubber to the road! Great to see the .bc team and idea coming out with real code:
Curious how many of these 9MM Spotify subs are US/EU/RoW.
Very proud and excited for my friend Phil with his soon to be opened giant food hall on Canal:
@25talouis Every Madball record besides Set It Off on Apple Music 😒
DJ Shadow always delivers, but ft. Run The Jewels? Damn.
@patrickstankard A lot of debate went into that. We didn't want to run something half-cocked up there.
@david_j_roth And then I continued... holy shit. This is spot on
@david_j_roth Yes!! Right out of the gate with Juan Uribe as Luke Skywalker 💯