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RT @longhairtho: I could use a massage
RT @LainaRauma: The universe will take care of you when you take care of you. You are powerfully protected and loved.
RT @WestMadeKing: The crucial step of change is to become aware of your own bullshit ..
RT @barbiezas: Downtown is so beautiful at night, all the lights..
RT @coolkidmoon: Bitch Ima the man hoe Ima the man
running thru the 6 w/ my woesss
RT @BryceBieniek: we both know you can't forget me
It's cold dab outside
RT @_MTil: pro tip: cuffing season is approaching. shimmy into her dm's by sending her a link to DRAM's "cute" #thankmelater
RT @tweetymarie4: never get too comfortable
RT @MerixAlex: Drake last verse on Shut It Down is legendary 🤔
RT @xxSnow100k: Sfa homecoming gone be a lil lit
RT @whittonc: So ready for SFA homecoming 💛💜
@briscottt I just wanna let yah know someone love ya back
I love my friends mann