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@MichelineJacobi Desculpa amiga, as vezes tu e fofa tbm
RT @LINEWebtoon: From the BU (BTS Universe) Seven boys. Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but a…
I used Shazam to discover Amor A La Mexicana (Cuca's Fiesta Mix) by Thalia.
Que homem QUE HOMEM esse Alok mds 😍😍
I used Shazam to discover Amor A La Mexicana by Thalia.
RT @AoViscous: As the world's leading expert in Thalia, I think it is about time I set the record straight.
Alguien a quien extraño mucho, me acaba de avisar que viene unos días a la CDMX y pues como Thalía estoy feliz feliz feliz.
@BTS_twt okay I sorry to interrupt your fun but I can’t stress this any longer *dying rat sounds*
@Follmann_s HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH smp tem a introdução antes KKKK
@AlucardDamian11 Ud sabe q tal es Thalia de linamadame ?
RT @StormIsUponUs: Sometimes you have to beat them at their own game. The very government itself had become another organized crime ra…
Sutton Foster in Anything Goes. We weren’t worthy.
can’t stop staring at those ocean blue eyes
RT @LindseyGrahamSC: If Senate passes bipartisan bill that includes border security funding for wall/barrier and legal status for DACA a…
RT @YohanaF222: @FeyzaKarasuAr Jajaja Perdón me hiciste acordar a la bella Thalía me Oye me escuchan Jajaja Perdón me tenté #AmoresCruzados
RT @MikeTokes: Why does George Soros sound like every evil super villian in every movie ever? This man is a financial terrorist,…
RT @FOXHomeSpain: ¿#SabíasQue en la exitosa película de animación #ANASTASIA, es la artista @thalia quien presta su voz a las cancion…
RT @adriandt31: Leaker & Liar James Comey MELTED DOWN Mon & slammed Repubs from his Twitter account after Pres Trump’s latest tirad…